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9 thoughts on “Woman Charged with Animal Cruelty After Hanging Pit Bull

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  1. “couldn’t afford the quarantine”

    i think this butt ugly piece of garbage is making it up as she goes.
    hope they fry her ugly ass for this.
    i believe biting dogs should be humanely euthanized not tortured.

  2. The sick irony here is that the Pit Nutters will be sticking red hot pins into a voo doo doll of this woman. However, when pits kill hundreds of neighborhood dogs throughout the US, they could give a crap!

  3. The other thing is that the old time “Dogmen” culled human aggressive dogs according to the everchanging pit mythology. This woman chose the cull method poorly.

  4. The “pit bull problem” in the US represents a sickening violence and downfall within our culture. 20 years plus and counting…Too many places within the US mock the same 3rd world country rational and behavior as Ms. Hegwood.

  5. good!
    nail her for lillian’s law AND animal cruelty. let’s not see her ugly face again til 2020.

  6. I do not think Lillian’s Law applies — it might! The dog did break free of constraint. An interesting case to watch for sure. However, the law may only apply to “severe injury” as well. It is unclear if this child suffered the legal definition of “severe injury.”

  7. I say, sue the landlord who owns the building, fire the apartment manager who ignored the danger, and evict the dog owners mother-in-law who allowed her to bring the dog there.

    Maybe THAT will get folks to think twice about allowing pit bulls into apartment complexes.

  8. Reading this story made my Pit Bull Spidey sense tingle…

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the apartment manager is a fellow Pit owner who was trying to protect her “PitSista” from discrimination.

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