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6 thoughts on “Parsippany Pit Bull Owner is Confused About Charges

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  1. Classic example of the Pit Bull counter-culture. What sane individual would want a dog back that attacked five people? I’m surprised the Judge didn’t become unglued on this guy.

  2. Cotto excuses hit pit bull’s behavior of biting 5 people saying the dog was “provoked.” And goes on to say, “… I hope my loving animal can come back to its loving home.”

    No way should this moron get this loony beast back. What a pair!

    Don’t people at least carry a pocket knife anymore? You plant the blade between the ribs, slash downward, extract. Repeat as often as possible. The pit goes down with a tension pneumo/hemo thorax… end of story. This is legal use of force in every state and ultimately saves everyone time and money.

  3. Huh? The town “may” declare the dog “potetially” dangerous? The dog attacked five people off leash!!!!

    That’s not a “potentially” dangerous animal, that is a “definitely” dangerous animal!

  4. He says he did not know the dog had gotten out until he saw a crowd gathered in front of his house.

    But he knows the dog was provoked.

    Someone explain to me how this is possible??

  5. Hard to believe they are actually considering returning this beserker to the family.

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