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9 thoughts on “US Postal Service Trains with Pit Bull Owner

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  1. Aguilar said, “maybe it’s something they are doing that is PROVOKING the dogs…”

    Bwaaaaahahahaha! Idiot! Aguilar doesn’t suppose that simply delivering the mail is PROVOKING enough for a pit bull? A kid riding a skate board: PROVOKED? A lady gardening in her yard: PROVOKED? Anyone walking their normal dog: PROVOKED? Letting a horse out of the barn: PROVOKED?

    What’s wrong with everybody?! Stop walking out your door and PROVOKING these poor, misunderstood pit bulls! All you people going outside are irresponsible and creating a ton of grief and difficulty for pit bulls and their owners! These difficulties are caused by the ignorance of people who insist on going outside and PROVOKING when there are other options!

    Please be part of the solution and commit to the ‘Pit Bull Lovers Creed for Responsible Pit Bull Neighboring.’ Raise your right hand (or place over your heart) and recite out loud: “I, (state your name), promise to 1) Install a garage door opener for my attached garage and use it. I will only enter and exit my vehicle from within my garage. I will install a 360 degree ceiling camera in the garage with a monitor visible from the vehicle to be certain no pit bulls entered while the garage door was open. 2) I will never allow my children outside, fenced backyards included. I accept that allowing my children outdoors at any time is irresponsible parenting and may PROVOKE a pit bull. I will provide plenty of video games and accept that pit bulls have rights too. 3) I will conduct all communications and transactions through electronic means or at drive-through windows, only. I agree that mail carriers are outdated and a huge source of problems for pit bulls because of the way delivery people PROVOKE. I will work to ban all deliveries – not pit bulls. 4) I accept that every dog wanders or escapes the yard at some point in its life, and I hereby agree that any animal, child, or person who would otherwise be under my care or supervision is ‘Fair Game.’ I understand and agree these children, cats, collie pups, bunnies and ponies unfairly PROVOKE pit bulls, and as a reasonable pit bull neighbor, I expect these children and/or animals to be killed and hold the pit bull owner(s) harmless as nature takes its course.”

    So for God sakes people, can’t we just ban all this horrible PROVOKING?! This is not a breed problem; it is clearly a PROVOKING problem and must be stopped NOW!

  2. Ohhh….you nailed it! Of course its always the victims fault!

    Thanks for the laugh!

  3. i too have been guilty of provoking my neighbor’s pit. that poor dog just hates the sound of a hoe cutting into dirt. he hates the the sound of the hose or the noise i make when i walk on leaves. and whistling to call my dogs, that is the absolute worst offense!
    i have been very insensitive towards the neighbor’s pit but now i too will take the Pit Bull Lovers Creed for Responsible Pit Bull Neighboring Pledge.

  4. I’ve taken a pledge that includes the knife I now carry on my belt, the pitchfork on the front porch and the petition with over 200 signatures on it. If you think it sounds like I’ve been “provoked” you would be right. The next trip to the city council I plan to show a little teeth.

  5. This is the second and third pit bull shot in Lorain, this year, with 5-shots fired, very dangerous. Someone is going to get shot. It’s just a matter of time.

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