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2 thoughts on “LA Council gains support for pet sterilization law

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  1. It’s not politically correct to single out pit bulls for mandatory sterilization…even if the dogs are being victimized and tortured by dog fighters, even if pit bulls are responsible for an inordinate number of calls to animal control because of aggressive behavior, even if pit bulls are overflowing local animal shelters in record numbers, draining resources and taxing shelter systems. It doesn’t matter how many public tax dollars are spent dealing with the problems created by pit bull enthusiasts….the public is told to suck it up, and keep paying.

    The dogs suffer, victims of pit bull attacks suffer horribly, and the taxpayers still keep on paying. Pit bull breeders continue to make money, while criminals continue to use these dogs as weapons. Reasonable breed specific ordinances which would allow responsible dog owners to keep their dogs are voted down, because it hurts the tender feelings of pit bull owners to admit that their chosen breed may have genetic tendencies that make it a less than ideal pet for the average dog owner.

    Society continues to bend over backwards to accomodate an extremely small number of dog owners, and the back yard breeders and criminals who want these dogs. Yet, I am unable to keep a two pound bantam rooster in my large suburban backyard because of a noise ordinance…. while living in fear of my neighbor’s pit bull who occasionally “gets loose”, without a leash.

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