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8 thoughts on “20 People, Gunshot End Pit Bull Attack

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  1. Perhaps the government could issue every man, woman and child a break stick, so we may accomodate the pit bull owners who insist on owning these dangerous dogs….

  2. I watched the video…that poor dog! His injuries are horrible…it looks as if he was shredded!

    You know, so many elderly and their pets are regular victims of pit bull attacks, I’m surprised seniors have not organized to get these dogs banned. Seniors are a powerful voting group, maybe they should organize and vote to make their neighborhoods safer.

  3. it will be interesting to see the pit bloggers’ take on this one. they will no doubt be blaming the crowd. “Well what do you expect a pit bull to do under these circumstances? Everybody’s standing around screaming and hitting the dog. It’s just like pit bull fight night in the back alley. You are supposed remain quiet and use that broom handle as a break stick!”

  4. Pit bloggers don’t even talk about stories like this — too telling and dangerous. Or they say, “Pit bulls are known to be animal-aggressive, what a lousy, irresponsible owner.”

    Wait a second, why is it OKAY to own a pet that genetically and characteristically attacks other pets?

  5. How will this little guy live after such an attack? The trauma of it, the horrible trauma of it all.

  6. This account sounds like a group of African Villagers fending off a Lion attack….That’s one dumbass and dangerous creature that doesn’t run for it’s life when surrounded by 20 strangers hitting it.

    Another .38 Cal euthanization by Law Enforcement…How many is that this year so far?

  7. If you watch the video, the poor little dog seems terrified to step outside on the back porch, even with his woner right there.

    Where are all of the humane groups that promote pit bull adoption when something like this happens? Are the lives of small dogs worth less to these people?

  8. I live in Denmark and we are begining to have problems with attack dogs like you americans because our politiens are afraid of banning dangerous dogs.
    As an owner how can you put an attack dog out of action for good without using firearms?
    I am thinking about very heavy metal hammers and hunting knifes.

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