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15 thoughts on “Nominated: Mother of the Year

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  1. Gee, it’s good to know where her priorities lie.

    In the article, it seems she warned her son, but he kept at the ear tugging. I guess a 2 year old is supposed to understand that a “dog might attack” him if he continues with such play?

    Another great dog owner for sure. And another toddler victim as well.

  2. Sorry to say, mums right about the dog. The dog wasn’t “mauling” the kid or trying to kill him. The dog was correcting the kid as if correcting a puppy for inappropriate behavior. No emotion involved, a simple correction. Normal dog behavior but unacceptable behavior for humans.

    Unfortunately, human skin is much more delicate-easily tearing, bruising and scaring compared to that of a dogs skin.

    Clearly the mum IS at fault. It was 100% preventable, she saw it happening but felt her texting was more important.

    The mum needs to stop talking to the media (who love to sensationalize) and pay more attention to what her child is doing. The dog might be happier in a home w/o children.

  3. The term “nanny dog” I understand was coined in Great Brittain, where the dogs are now completly banned. Very interesting that pit bull owners fail to mention that part of the story.

  4. the term nanny dog does come from the U.K. but i believe it is in reference to the staffordshire terrier which is not banned.

  5. I say this is Child Abuse…. its digusting that this woman can get away with this. If she wont remove that dog, she should have her children taken from her. And a psychological evaluation. Something is NOT right in your head, if you would place an animal above safety for children, especially your own!

  6. I love dogs.but I think the dog should have been put down…If my dog (who by the way is a big dog) ever bit anybody I wouldn’t think twice about putting her down.

  7. I think this dog should have either be put down or given to someone without children . How could the mother blame it on her own child . If you have a dog it should be used to kids playing with it . I know my dog wouldnt never do that , my neice and nephew play with his ears and what not and he has never even growled . To the people who agree with the mother . How would u feel if u were over at her house with your child/children and they got bit , I bet u wouldnt still think its the kids fault !!!!!!

  8. first off im going to tell you that im a mother of 4 and a grandmother to 1 , i am also a dog owner i have a rotti,female ive had her since she was 5 weeks old and is now 8 years old me and my family love this dog as our family because she is our family,i must say that if my family dog bit one of my family members i would not hesitate to have her put down,ive owned plenty of dogs and one thing i must say and have learned from experiance is that once they bite once or even nip for that matter,they will do it again,this dog that bit the little guy and is a member of the family was just lucky the dog new him that is why he only bit him and did not mawl him and throw him around, the next time this dog bites and it is not a family member it bites i can guarannte that it will be more aggressive..the owner of that dog should put it down so that this dog doesnt have a chance to hurt someone else..

  9. What really sickens me about this story is that this mother doesn’t seem to be concerned with the fact that her child may now be living in fear of that dog….who obviously lives in the same home.

    Fine, she doesn’t want to have the dog put down, but to keep it in the same home as her son? That’s disgusting.

  10. Came across this story tonight and i can’t believe that this is even going on. This woman who calls herself a mother is ok with a dog biting her child?!?! Discusting!! I am so upset about this. I was a victim of a dog bite to the face 2 yrs ago and well i was being worked on the doctor was told that the dog that had bitten me was a “family” dog ( which it was not) so the police where not even contacted….
    Does anyone else see a problem with our animal laws like i do? This dog should have been taking right away from that home. This poor child ๐Ÿ™

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