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12 thoughts on “1996 Dog Bite Fatality: 4-Year Old Wheeler Boy Killed by Loose Chow-Mix Dogs

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  1. I'll tell you exactly what happened. "The usual suspects," ie the dog breeder business lobby, contacted the press after this little boy died and filled their heads with "blame the victim" propaganda. The media gullibly succumbed.

    This lobby also fastened on to a weak-willed, easily manipulated DA and convinced her to protect this owner/breeder of dangerous dogs.

    The public will never learn of the conversations that authority figures such as this are having with breeding industry lobbyists and propagandists. The smear of the victim, the pressure to protect the breeder, protect the dogs, goes on "off the record."

    Sometimes these authority figures never even realize that they are being manipulated by breeding industry operatives. These breeder lobbyists represent themselves, falsely, as "experts" on dogs and dog issues. THEY ARE NOT! The only thing they are expert in is protecting the FINANCIAL INTERESTS of breeding and owning dangerous dogs for profit reasons, protecting breeders from responsiblility, punishment, and regulation.

    Some of these dog breeder lobbyists are themselves attorneys, and they know how to manipulate DAs and other attorneys.

    Some of these lobbyists are attorneys getting paid by breeder lobbying organizations that do not reveal their ties to these groups

    Why would the dog breeder industry want to blam the victim? Because they want to FEND OFF REGULATION.

    They want to keep dangerous dog ordinances WEAK and unenforced, they want dangerous dogs to be able to be kept and bred by owners/breeders with few rules, they want zero breeder regulation, they want dog breeders/owners to be exempt from responsibility.

    They want breeders/owners to be able to do whatever they want (even commit murder with their dogs) and get away with it, and go right back to business.

    And so far, in too many parts of the country, authorities are doing what the breeder lobby wants.

    This is changing, but still these breeding business lobbies are hard at work PROTECTING DANGEROUS DOGS and their breeders/owners.

  2. It is time to hold the AKC, UKC, related No Kill lobbyists and organizations such as Best Friends that now work with breeding groups, vets that work for breeders' interests, "dog trainers" that are affilated with breeders, dog fighters, and other affiliated breeder lobbyists, and hold them accountable for their lobbying activities and their deception.

    (including the "blame the victim" scheme)

    These groups also work with lobbyists such as this a tobacco lobbyist and they put incredible direct pressure on authorities such as DAs, judges, and legislators to protect breeders.

    As for Karen Delise, Delise was a lowly, inexperienced vet tech who suddenly proclaimed herself an "expert" overnight and started manipulating statistics and churning out propaganda that favored breeder business interests. Nothing she produces is of any value for anything other than breeder PROPAGANDA, and it is time to hold Karen accountable for the falsehoods, omissions, and propaganda.

    It is also time to demand an answer for the question, where does Karen Delise's funding come from? If she has not registered as a lobbyist, why not?

  3. This brought me to tears, such a senseless tragedy and such far reaching and devastating effects all because one irresponsible individual couldn't be bothered to keep his dogs penned. Sadly, versions of this tragedy play out on a monthly basis, and we never hear about the long-term fallout. As a survivor of an attack, I want to personally thank you, Ricky, for coming forward and sharing your story about your family and your brother. It's thanks to people like you who are willing to speak out that laws are getting changed. It may take a long time, but your brother's death will not be in vain. He will be one of the many fallen whose blood cries for justice and turns the tide against the pit lobby machine. Thank you again, and God bless.

  4. These breeder lobbyists are vocal and pushy, Ricky.

    But thanks to the bravery of victims' families, thanks to people LIKE YOU who speak out, the truth is being heard, and I think the truth willeventually prevail over the deception.

  5. There needs to be limits on the number of dogs one can own. No one should have a pack of dogs unless they are a licensed breeder, and all breeders should require licensing. Breeders ought to be required to have special containment and there should be inspections.

    I know, I know…when pigs fly.

  6. Very nice article that sums it all up nicely. It was a lot for our family to deal with at the time, and I thank you for bringing the occurrence back into the public eye.

  7. "I know, I know…when pigs fly."

    No. Don't ever give up hope or give up that fight. Many people have thought this about a variety of horrible conditions throughout history, only to see societies reach a tipping point and say, "No more!" It's hard, but stay positive. We are making changes, bit by bit.

  8. As for opposition to pet limits (in other words, you can have a certain number of dogs. Above that, you have to get a kennel license) it is not only breeders who oppose limits (for obvious reasons, and to protect the puppy mills and dog fighters) but also the No Kill fanatics oppose pet limits because they fudge their euthanasia numbers by sticking animals with hoarders. And they don't want to see hoarding limited by pet limits!

    Best Friends has actively lobbied against pet limits, including in their own town.

    It's SICK.

  9. This is such a sad story, but one everybody should read. A bunch of dogs killed a boy and completley ruined his family.
    I don't trust any loose dog. I was chased by a pack of TINY dogs when I was young, and the horrifying feeling has never left me.
    I like dogs, but to this day, any off leash dog of any size makes me nervous.

  10. Hunters are allowed by law to shoot loose dogs if they feel there is any poosibility of the dogs even chasing the hunters' prey.

    We allow hunters to defend their "rights" to defend their prey, but we don't stop people from letting loose dogs endanger our CHILDREN?

    This country has some major breakdowns when it comes to animal control laws and enforcement.

    Of course, the hunters lobby mightily for their "rights" but the average citizen has been silent about the dangers of loose and chained dogs for too long.

  11. I just want to let Ricky know that although the county neither enforced the restrictions and laws regarding the dogs prior to his brothers death nor after his death, this did matter to some of us. I lived in Fayetteville at the time and moved back to my home state shortly after. I had four young children and one pet dog and it had such an emotional impact on me that this sweet little guy had died in such a frightening and violent manner and that the dogs owners had more rights and a more vocal audience than the victim in the tragedy. I have fussed this over in my head ever since and tonight I decided to google the information and see what laws had changed since I moved. I was appalled to find so little has changed. It is a privilege to own a pet but it should never be considered more important than any human life- especially such an innocent one. I am sorry that the message conveyed by the public response seems to be that one mans right to own fifteen dogs is greater than one families right to have changes to afford others the comfort of never experiencing such pain. I have a fervent hope that somehow this article will bring attention and change so that your little brothers life is more than an old archived article. I did not know any of you but his death mattered to me. I have never forgotten him.

  12. I lived next door to Damon and he was my best friend. I think of Damon all the time and miss him so much…

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