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3 thoughts on “Man shoots, kills pit bull after attack

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  1. “A man who asked to be referred to as “John” was surprised when he returned home to find that his pit bull Trouble was dead after attacking and hospitalizing a man.”

    Why is the owner always the only one who is surprised?

  2. Denial, defense mechanism, and morally reprehensible. Brings to mind Charles Smallwood. “I will never go into that house again. I will never own another dog…”

    Charles Smallwood’s two pit bull attacked and killed Jennifer Lowe while she visited his house last year. The grapevine says, he’s got 3 new dogs — how much do you want to bet they are pits?

  3. Why do so many pit bulls have names like “Trouble”, “Murder”, “Felony”, etc. Then when they maul someone, the owner always claims…”but Felony was such a gentle dog!”

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