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5 thoughts on “Pit Bull Should Have Been Gone Before Second Attack

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  1. Many Animal Control”Professionals” are trained by or come from Animal Welfare groups where they are indoctrinated with the “All Dogs are the Same” PC nonsense. These animal control personnel obviously ignored the law in this case.

    Recently, New York City paid out a $5 million judgement when an on duty police officer picked up a stray Pit Bull off the street and gave it to a family. The “sweet” Pit mauled one of the kids and the city was on the hook.

    Unfortunately, it will probably take a few judgements against city treasurys to reprioritize some of these ethereal animal control departments.

  2. Totally agreed! Part of the problem a city faces after a ban is instituted is the attitudes and actions of animal control officers, who as you say, are indoctrinated with the “all dogs are equal” crap. I hope the woman sues!

  3. Aguilera would not be safe if she forced my kid to go through the series of rabies shots.

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