Monday, June 6, 2016

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Blogger EyesOpened  |  6/05/2016 5:38 PM  |  Flag  
Two Americans killed by pit bulls yesterday with puppies around...yes, let's pass those wonderful genes on. Disgusting. While millions of unwanted pit bulls are euthanized in shelters yearly and there's little space left for safer dogs, people keep pumping out pit puppies for money. Thank you to Dogsbite and the other dog safety advocates who are spreading the truth for informing us about these issues. Condolences to the families of these victims.

Blogger PutMeInCharge41Day  |  6/05/2016 5:41 PM  |  Flag  
I suppose the puppies will be taken in by some "rescue" and pawned off on someone who thinks its all how you raise them and into an unsuspecting neighborhood.

OpenID 692ffa56-8c3b-11e3-902b-000f20980440  |  6/05/2016 6:15 PM  |  Flag  
In this case, "How they were raised" includes participating with a parent in a fatal attack on a human, so it HAS to be relevant to their adopt-ability, right? RIGHT?

Blogger Ka D  |  6/05/2016 6:44 PM  |  Flag  
Abnormal aggression is highly inheritable in dogs. The pups should be euthanized. These typically uneducated pit owners should be banned from owning dogs again.

Blogger BeKind StopbreedingBullyDogs  |  6/05/2016 6:54 PM  |  Flag  
And those who fight the hardest against mandatory enforced bully sterilization pretend to care about pits welfare.

They don't. They're into pit warfare.

They never have considered what's good for pits.

Blogger BeKind StopbreedingBullyDogs  |  6/05/2016 6:54 PM  |  Flag  

Blogger Christy D  |  6/05/2016 8:33 PM  |  Flag  
Any update on this attack?

Blogger Colleen Lynn  |  6/05/2016 9:35 PM  |  Flag  
Yes there was on April 27. Her name is Sanjuana Caceres.

Blogger Sputnik  |  6/06/2016 3:07 AM  |  Flag  
The pit bull fans always argue that 'man biters were culled, so no pit bull can be human aggressive'. As KaD pointed out, this kind of aggression has been scientifically shown to be strongly heritable -- and even the pit bull fans admit this when they chant the 'culled maneaters' mantra.

So if they really believe their own words, why do the pit bull fans object to culling man biters nowadays? In the Fresno case (Sanjuana Caceres), and in both of these weekend cases, parents, puppies and/or litter-mates of the man killers have been spared.

It would be helpful to concede the pit bull fans their propaganda point here -- and to start securely culling maneaters. The entire line of any pit bull that attacks, mauls or kills a human should be collected and humanely eradicated -- parents, siblings and offspring, the whole lot. After all, the pit bull fans themselves constantly cite secure culling as the solution that works to prevent human aggression in this type of dog.

It's time for us to adopt this solution that the pit bull fans so often point to. Surely they won't object to us agreeing they're right on that point?

Blogger James Lee  |  6/06/2016 4:17 AM  |  Flag  
sounds like the dog thought the owner said to kill the victim . just a misunderstanding ....methinks .

OpenID joelande  |  6/06/2016 4:57 PM  |  Flag  
Where do people think the dogs these breeders are breeding are showing up?

In your town, in your neighborhood.

A lot of them sell online or they ship the dogs to brokers in other states.

So you get dogs that were willing to kill even when they were puppies--- at your local parks and in the yard next door.

Then when the owners abandon them after they try to attack them, the dogs end up in your animal control department or local animal shelter, with a tutu on, being sold by teenagers to a public that really has no clue

Blogger EyesOpened  |  6/06/2016 11:24 PM  |  Flag  
The story keeps changing on this one. First, the neighbor said Harley was sitting on Earl's lap, the owner told him to get down, and that's when he attacked.

Now I've seen more than one article saying there was a fight going on and 911 had already been called about that before the call came in about the dog attack.

News reports are also speculating that maybe the man died of another health issue. We see these speculations all the time because people can't believe a dog killed a person. Whatever the case, it's very sad. It's also not the first time we've heard of pit puppies starting their human aggression early. :(

Blogger Colleen Lynn  |  6/07/2016 7:44 AM  |  Flag  
The story really has been changing! Please leave new links here that you feel are important. We are under double pressure this week so closely following the Detroit Murder Two trial and the Maine case. That 911/police were called about the fight before the attack? Apparently, neighbors have not been forthright.

Blogger EyesOpened  |  6/08/2016 1:27 AM  |  Flag  
I can't imagine how much time and effort it must take to track, verify, and post all of this! Ever since I became aware of the pit bull problem, I've come to realize how daily one could spend hours reading through all the news stories about dog attacks (almost all of them pit bulls).

When it's a DBRF, the information overload is unreal.

Here's just the first article I found mentioning the 911 call about the fight:

Blogger EyesOpened  |  6/08/2016 1:31 AM  |  Flag  
I suspect that maybe the commotion neighbors reported was initially assumed to be an argument/fight, prompting a 911 call saying so. This article mentions a neighbor hearing "screaming and yelling":

Blogger EyesOpened  |  6/08/2016 1:37 AM  |  Flag  
Sigh, and here it is: it's all in how they're raised. If I had a quarter for every time I've read that now...

"Ezekiel Steffens-Goeas, 31, a neighbor and the son of the woman who called authorities, said the pit bull was named Harley and was about 2 years old. He said Harley was the father of two puppies that also joined in the attack on Stephens. Those puppies were removed by animal control officers.

'I know the dog; the dog knows me,' Steffens-Goeas said, hesitant to describe the dog’s general demeanor. 'It depends on how you raise the dog and how much time you spend with him.' "

2 years old? I guess Harley "turned on" at the right time, just as the dogmen wrote about.

Blogger EyesOpened  |  6/08/2016 1:43 AM  |  Flag  
Here's another one talking about the supposed argument:

Is it possible that narrative is also more palatable to report because people in comments sections on these articles tend to bring up how the dogs were probably protecting their owners?

If the first articles hadn't identified the victim as a friend of the pit bull's owner, there would have been speculation about the dog protecting against trespassers or something equally asinine. As if trespassers deserve to get mauled to death...

Blogger Sputnik  |  6/08/2016 2:23 AM  |  Flag  
I'll re-emphasize that the pit bull fans need to insist that the maneater juveniles now in AC custody must be humanely euthanized. Either that or else drop 'dogmen always killed manbiters' from their list of talking points.

I hope the pit bull fans will also explain elsewhere (not here) why they now think it's a good thing to keep maneaters and their offspring alive. Also why they reject the very solution to human aggression that they claim worked so well in the past.

I hope that in any case AC will agree with culling maneaters, and will humanely destroy the two juveniles they now have in custody.

Blogger EyesOpened  |  6/12/2016 4:06 PM  |  Flag  
Are there any updates to this case, such as pending charges? Do we know the fate of the "puppies"? It makes me a little sad that the cases involving children get so much more attention...I can understand why, but this man lost his life just as innocently and left a wife behind. He was just trying to help a friend fix a scooter. So very sad!

Blogger Colleen Lynn  |  6/12/2016 5:26 PM  |  Flag  
It is very sad, but we have not seen any follow ups. We should in a few days when the 10 day quarantine is up.

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