Tuesday, October 14, 2014

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Blogger Your Quiet Neighbor  |  10/04/2014 3:20 PM  |  Flag  
Wish I could vote against this one, but I'm in Pima County, AZ. Where we're being asked to approve Prop. 415, a $22 million bond issue for building a larger county animal shelter.

Our current shelter is too small to house all the pit bulls that keep pouring in. Want proof? Here's the adoption list:


Vote NO on Proposition 415!

Blogger Ka D  |  10/06/2014 8:24 PM  |  Flag  
Aurora has NOTHING to gain but a lot to lose. Kids and people killed and injured, pets killed, and in two years the SLEW of pit bulls from backyard breeders will start glutting the shelters. Public safety should be up for a vote. There are over 400 dog breeds and no damn reason anyone MUST have a pit bull.

Blogger Staceyjwsolar  |  10/13/2014 3:47 PM  |  Flag  
It is ridiculous that this is even on the ballot. It is like voting to allow drivers to be wasted!
Another thing that pisses me off- why must nutters demand that every goddamn city accept their maulers? Most places do allow them- go live there. Why screw up a place that is safe?
Most regular people want pits banned, I sure hope they show up to vote.

Blogger Hone tawaroa  |  11/04/2014 10:51 PM  |  Flag  
Great news suck it up pit pushers.

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