Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/14/2009 2:03 AM  |  Flag  
Pay attention to this, parents. Don't take your children over to the homes of family members who own pits, rotts, and their mixes. Don't listen when they tell you their dogs wouldn't hurt a fly or would lick your child to death. Those licks all too often have teeth, and the prediction becomes all too literal. Variations of this story are sadly all too common. My heart goes out to this family in their loss.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/14/2009 2:11 AM  |  Flag  

Historically bred TO BE AGGRESSIVE.

And number two on the list for causing human fatality (although pit bulls certainly predominate in the human murder race)

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/14/2009 3:37 AM  |  Flag  
Text Book ...Pit bulls and Rottwielers commit 80 percent of DBRFs!

"Never had a problem...."

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/14/2009 7:40 AM  |  Flag  
But many of these pit bulls and rotties DO know the child very well.

And one day they just snap.

This is becoming daily news. Just disgusting.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/15/2009 9:15 AM  |  Flag  
Sad but true-- This story is on a dogster.com forum. Almost every poster is defending the dog's reaction to the dropped cookie as normal. They are DEFENDING this monstros animal!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are however agreeing that the owners should be punished. (Blame the owner, not the dog)

Apparently the grandfather said something along the lines of "I want the dog to die slowly" (not exact wording), so almost all the posters are making him out to be an absolutely horrible person for wanting this monster to die slowly for killing his grandson. I don't blame him for saying this.

Rest in peace, Dallas W.

Anonymous FoolMeOnce  |  12/15/2009 12:35 PM  |  Flag  
Those same people are probably also the ones claiming that there is absolutely no way those 2 pits could have gotten out of their crates by themselves. Poor puppies, they say -- they were probably just thirsty and stressed. Argghhh!

RIP, Dallas. My heart breaks for you and your family.

Anonymous Trigger  |  12/15/2009 12:40 PM  |  Flag  
"The dog belonged to Lisa and Preston Evans, Hilton said. She is Dallas' mother's great-aunt. Attempts to reach the Evanses on Monday were unsuccessful..."

"He was supposed to be chained up in the back yard, but he somehow got loose," Walters said."

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/15/2009 3:32 PM  |  Flag  
ANOTHER chained dog that kills.

We need anti-chaining laws! If a dog is too aggressive to be kept as a house pet, then a person has no right to chain a dog outside to make it MORE aggressive so it is more likely to kill people!

Anonymous Felony  |  12/15/2009 8:33 PM  |  Flag  

Since 2000, there have been 8 kids strangled and another 16 nearly strangled by roll up blinds.
The Consumer Product Safety Commission is recalling 50 MILLION sets of blinds.


Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/16/2009 9:11 AM  |  Flag  

The breeder and/or seller need to be sued.

They are breeding and selling aggressive dogs, and they need to be held liable.

Anonymous Trigger  |  12/16/2009 12:11 PM  |  Flag  
Excerpt From Walter's Online Obituary:

"He is survived by his father, Andrew Walters; his mother, Jessica Stafford; his baby brother Dallyn; and extended family members. Dallas was protective of his little brother, his dad said. He liked to fix up his blanket when he fussed and hold his hand. "He was the best kid," Walters said. "There was no measure of life on this planet that added up to his. He was amazing. I couldn't ask for a better son." Dallas was typical for his age, and was known to play with a rubber ball in the house – sometimes bouncing it off his father's head - and to mess with the knickknacks. But he also had a keen sense of order – like his mother, Walters said. He liked shoes to be in their proper place, picked up dirty plates and put them in the sink and would carry dirty diapers – his own or his brother's – to the trash. "He had more personality than this world," Walters said. "He had more personality than anybody claiming to be a personality on television. "He's destined for greatness, either in this life or the next."

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/17/2009 5:12 PM  |  Flag  
I would really like to know who came up with the fabricated "cookie drop" story? (this is a familiar fabrication for those trying to blame an innocent child for a defective, aggressive dog's behavior)

A rogue reporter trying to place the blame on the child? A rogue animal control officer trying to protect the dog?

Does the reporter who included this detail have an answer for this?

Anonymous Anonymous  |  12/17/2009 5:15 PM  |  Flag  
I believe that citizens can THEMSELVES go down to the police station and file their own criminal complaint.

This has been done by people when law enforcement refuses to take action.

I hope that the boy's father will consult an attorney and do just this.

I also hope that he will be suing the dog's owner AND breeder.

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