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16 thoughts on “4-Year Old Boy Killed by 'Pit Bull Terrier Type' Dog in United Kingdom

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  1. Although breed specific laws in U.K. do not completely "take care" of the pit bull problem, at least the U.K. recognizes the serious differences that result from man-made, selective breedings.

    With pro-pit bull lobby groups like AKC, Best Friends, CHAKO, etc., how can it ever happen here?

    Answer: Senator's son, daughter, loved-one would have to be attacked.

  2. Time after time, police and sheriff departments take the attitude that dog complaints are beneath their notice. Because of this attitude, they are partially responsible for every death and mauling that results in a report not being taken care of in a timely fashion. Whoever made the decision to ignore that call should be FIRED.

  3. Don't worry…any minute the UK Pit Bull Apologist league will investigate the breeders who produced two DBRFs just miles apart.

    But first they must engage in writing Pit Bull haiku's and stage a breed stigma tu-tu march!

    They'll get to it!

    "THE tragedy has chilling parallels to the savage attack on Ellie Lawrenson, who was mauled to death by a dog on New Year’s Day, 2007. Both John Paul, four, and Ellie, five, were staying with their grandmothers when they were savaged – by dogs belonging to their uncles. The little girl suffered 72 injuries during the attack by the dog, called Reuben. Her grandmother, Jacqueline Simpson, tried to fight off the 74lb dog during the attack and suffered severe arm injuries. The animal was shot dead by a police officer."

  5. UK Editorial:

    The real problem is not the legislation, but the unchecked acquisition by disaffected youths of "status dogs"…

    These creatures are intended not just to impress, but to intimidate, and to injure. Hence the description used by the police: they call them "weapon dogs", bred for aggression, and trained in a way that amplifies that propensity. It's no urban myth that thousands of trees – in parks in London, Bristol, and Manchester – have been destroyed by pitbulls and the like. The animals are goaded by their owners into frenzied "practice" attacks on the trunks, ripping off the bark, or are made to hang from branches to strengthen their jaws and shoulders…

  6. This problem in the UK could easily be resolved by reintroducing a dog licensing system similar to that we had a few decades ago but one that outlawed certain breeds and which was a two tier system, recognising that larger dogs are potentially lethal (so requiring some owner test and qualifications e.g. not having convictions for violence or drug dealing). The system could even pay for its own enforcement through the licence fee since the useless police seem unwilling to defend the citizenry.

  7. There is no easy solution to the pitbull problem. If there was it would be introduced in every country in the world. What you need besides legislation is enforcement of the law.

    What I would like to know is what happened to the other dogs that were at the house. Their barking drowned out the noise of a nearby highway. So their were more dogs at this house. What happened to them?

  8. Yes, there are very easy solutions to the pit bull problem.

    In some areas of the country that have laws and regulations (and trained people that enforce them, and aren't connected themselves to dog fighters or dog breeders), pit bull breeders aren't selling dogs at every street corner and dog fighters aren't running rampant. There aren't stray dog problems, there are requirements for proper and humane care of animals, and vicious dogs are dealt with and problems resolved BEFORE death occurs.

    No pit bull problems in some parts of the country.

    Where there are no rules and laws, and collusion by authorities to protect breeders and dog fighters, you have a pit bull problem. And deaths.

  9. These should be termed "Grannie Dearest" Attacks.

    How many times do we see a Pit Bull harborer by a grandmother do this?!?

    Grannie Dearest should be facing charges here as well.

  10. UK Sensibility!

    "John-Paul should not have died. But to have saved him, and to save the next child in danger of being killed by a dog, we need to admit a few things…

    Unless we are all stark raving bonkers, there is no place for a dog like the one that killed John-Paul around children.

    There is no place for a dog like that in a family neighbourhood. There is no place for a dog like that in a civilised society.

    These dogs are not pets."

  11. UPDATE May 11, 2010 – "Foulkes also admitted owning a pit-bull bitch, named Lita, which was being looked after by John Paul's father. The dog was pregnant with 11 pups, sired by Uno, when she died after being knocked down by a car shortly after John Paul was killed. Ms Parsons told the court it was not Lita's first litter of puppies but added: "Mr Foulkes maintains the dogs were kept as family pets and not bred for fighting or commercial gain. "There is no evidence on either dog of their use for fighting." A third dog, named Lucky, had also been kept by Foulkes but was killed by the other two dogs, the prosecutor said."

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