Wednesday, April 30, 2008

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Anonymous Anonymous  |  4/29/2008 7:55 AM  |  Flag  
Bout time Breeders start paying for the euthanization infrastructure.

Anonymous Jersey  |  4/29/2008 10:29 AM  |  Flag  
Did you watch the video? People who let their dogs drink mud might not be all that educated on animal care to begin with.

I really don't see how people could be against this when so many animals are being put to sleep in Dallas. Tweak it a little if need be - offer low-cost neuter/spay or exempt pets that are already registered and whose owners are following the laws.

Anonymous Anonymous  |  4/29/2008 11:25 AM  |  Flag  
Except for the mandatory spay/neuter partthis is a pretty good ordinance. The problem with mandatory spay/neuter is that consistently places with low cost/voluntary programs have had more success in decreasing shelter euthanasia at a more efficient cost, where mandatory programs tend to lead to fewer people licensing dogs, which is less revenue for the city and thus causes more problems...

Anonymous Anonymous  |  4/30/2008 3:28 AM  |  Flag  
This is a Law enforcement and Public Safety issue.

The AKC is a shill for the $40 Billion a year pet care industry which includes euthanizating 15 million dogs and cats.

Blogger Packhorse  |  7/27/2011 2:50 PM  |  Flag  
That's what the AKC does best... "owner's" and "breeder's rights" ahead of everyone else, including the dogs themselves.

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