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4 thoughts on “The Plight of a Mauled Postal Carrier, an Attempt to Sue Animal Control and the Progression of a Criminal

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  1. This is why the owners of any animal (not just pit bulls or even dogs) need to be held directly accountable for the actions of their pets.

    It needs to be treated like we treat firearm offenses:

    – Failure to control your pet, probation with loss of pet privileges, stiff fines.

    – Threaten someone with your pet, 5 years in prison.

    – Injure someone with your pet, 10 years in prison.

    – Kill someone with your pet, 20 years in prison.

    The above should be MINIMUM sentencing guidelines, with no exceptions.

    These f'ers will only be reigned in when faced with the most painful of consequences.

  2. As usual, well said Animal Uncontrol. This was one of the 1st stories I read when I first began reading on DBO in 2010 as we dealt with 4 pit bulls barking, lunging, growling in several pens next door. We also heard a gun being fired on occasions and we live well within the city limits. In 2013 one of the nutters next door was arrested for a home invasion,robbery and firing a gun during the robbery. The judge set his bail at $200,000 and as far as we know he has not been let out on bail. The judge ordered the 4 pit bulls off the property in 2011 ruling for us in our court case, but they already had a small female pit puppy that they had kept separate from the ones they had to get rid of and I think they are breeding her, so on and on it goes. But it's been real quiet since the NUTTER WITH A GUN WAS ARRESTED. We lived in fear of being ripped to pieces by those pits and we were and still are very afraid of the nutters. I pray for time to erase some of the pain and turmoil Jeff Glenn suffered. It would be impossible to ever completely get over what he went through.

  3. Jeff Glenn. I was just shown this article and I really appreciate you reporting this for what it is. I just got out of surgery again today 10/16/2014, trying to repair my left wrist/thumb so I can maybe use it without pain. To date this was my 4th surgery, resulting in 3 screws in my left wrist and a plate and screw in my right shoulder.I have high blood pressure from this along with PTSD. At least the Post office has been pretty accommodating and understanding of my plight.Needless to say I have no love for pit-bulls and if there is a dog breed that needs to be banned it is them. Again thanks for keeping the public informed on these issues and I too am sorry for those people who have lost their lives by pit-bulls, I guess I was one of the lucky ones. Jeff Glenn

  4. Dealing with dangerous dogs is certainly an occupational hazard for those who deliver and read meters. It would be great if your union could be a voice for change. I know in some places, the post office mandates everyone get a box because there have been too many problems with loose dangerous dogs attacking.

    This parody of "Fixing-to-Die-rag" by Country Joe MacDonald, was found online and I thought I would share it with you. Best wishes on your pursuit of justice and healing.

    Come on Nutters,
    Don't hesitate,
    Call the city council
    B4 it's too late.

    Can't have a dog,
    Unless it's a mean,
    Intimidating and menacing
    Pit Bull Machine!

    Oops! So the mail man
    Just got attacked by the pack,
    Now he's leaving for the morgue in a sack!

    And it's 1,2 3,
    What are they fighting for?
    Don't ask us, we don't give a damn
    Let's stop the next Pit Bull ban!

    And it's 5,6,7,
    Open up that pearly gate
    You can keep your pit bulls,
    But can't go out for a walk,
    Looks like we'll just have to spring for a Box!

    So it's first the mail man,
    Next your mail
    But it's easier than sending all the pit bull owners to jail,
    And those pit bulls, well, they have the right,
    To be Lord of your street both day and night,
    Just be sure to take a gun when you leave your place,
    Or knife, or a big can of mace!

    And it's 1,2,3,
    What are we fightin' for?
    Don't ask me, I just wanna walk,
    With my Chihuahua 'round the block.

    And it's 5,6,7
    Open up Pandora's box,
    Too late, the pit bulls are all running free,
    Bang! Bang!
    It's not gonna be ME!

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