After $2.2 Million Award, Dog Bite Victim Sue Gorman Says System is Still Flawed

Safety Issues Persist Gig Harbor, WA - On August 21, 2007, two pit bulls entered a residential home through a side sliding door and attacked a disabled woman while she slept. The victim, 59-year-old Sue Gorman, suffered serious injuries to her face, forearms and hands. Prior to the incident, animal control had made over a dozen visits to the home of the dogs' owners due to complaints by area residents. Gorman alone had called 911 at least ten times leading up to the attack. There… [Read full blog post]

Police Officer Sues Lehigh County Humane Society After Dog Bite

Facial Scarring InjuriesAllentown, PA - It was recently reported that an Allentown police officer who was bitten in the face by a pit bull last year is suing the owner and the Lehigh County Humane Society. The lawsuit says the humane group failed to capture the dog in a timely manner, forcing the officer to deal with the "vicious" animal. The lawsuit states that as officer Evan Weaver tried to place the dog into a police wagon, it bit him in the face, ''causing serious injury and sc… [Read full blog post]

Suing Animal Control Agencies or Municipalities After a Serious Dog Attack has gathered instances in which victims have sued city or county Animal Care and Control Departments or municipalities after a serious or fatal dog attack. Some of these cases are "in process" with results unknown. We hope that by publishing this list, future dog attack victims and their attorneys might reference this list and track court cases via lawsuit databases and learn what finally resulted. Victim: Zachary Rasmussen Sued: Santa Monica, CA Location:… [Read full blog post]

2005 Dog Bite Fatality: Victim's Family Sues Animal Control in Spotsylvania

Officers Cleared in Suit UPDATE 03/06/09: A jury decided against awarding any money to Dorothy Sullivan's beneficiaries in the wrongful death suit filed against county employees. The suit, filed in 2007 against four Spotsylvania County animal control officers, claimed gross negligence by the officers in the time leading up to Sullivan's killing by a pack of pit bulls in March of 2005. Deanna Large, who owned the dogs, was convicted later that year of involuntary manslaug… [Read full blog post]