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10 thoughts on “After $2.2 Million Award, Dog Bite Victim Sue Gorman Says System is Still Flawed

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  1. 3 Year old Treshawn Foreman was killed by pit bulls in Pierce County in 2003. It's not like the reckless Nutters at Animal Control didn't know!

    Now…Who gets fired?!?

    Yakima County also paid a settlement to the family of Walter Feser who was killed by Pit Bulls in 1995…He was a retired Animal Control Officer.

  2. Walter Feser was a "one-time" animal control officer. At the time of the attack, he was 75 years old, partially paralyzed and wheelchair-bound. He and his dog were killed by his neighbor's two pit bulls in Yakima County in 1995. In 2006 — 11 years later — Yakima County settled a lawsuit with his estate to avoid further litigation.

    The first home invasion fatal attack recorded by occurred in 1896 to Maggie Gorman of Bergen County, New Jersey. There have been others since.

  3. Just revolting that nothing was done aver she complained so much. she should have gotten 5 times the award.

    I hope cities learn that they MUST keep their citizens safe from pit bulls – and all large roaming dogs.

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