Pit Bull Owner Asks Police to Shoot Him After Dog Attacks His Face

Pit Bull Attacks Owner Mesa, AZ - According to Mesa police, an 18-year old named Raul went inside his home to get a video game for a friend when his pit bull, named Chico, attacked. "The 18-year old suffered severe lacerations to the face. "We got him out of the apartment and he was transported to Scottsdale Memorial Hospital," said Mesa Police Sgt. Dan Butler. Police said that initially, the victim was so traumatized by his appearance, he told officers to shoot him. A pit bull att… [Read full blog post]

Pet Pit Bull Unleashes Explosive Attack on Owner and Two Others in Hoboken

Crime scene: One Independence Court luxury apartment. Apartment "Ransacked"Hoboken, NJ - In a scene described as resembling the movie "Jaws," a pet pit bull1 exploded into a "savage biting rampage" late Thursday night sending three victims, including the dogs' owner, to the hospital. Witness Paul Michael said, "It didn't look like she was going to make it. She was bad. Her entire leg was torn up." Police eventually shot and killed the attacking dog. The incident left the lu… [Read full blog post]

Pit Bull Attack Trigger: Slipping on Ice While Walking a Pet Pit Bull

From left: Victim Joyce Mitchell and her pet pit bull (with blood on its muzzle). Owner Attacked Cincinnati, OH - It was reported Monday that a pit bull in the Cincinnati neighborhood of Pleasant Ridge viciously attacked its owner. Police say Joyce Mitchell was walking her pet pit bull when she slipped on ice, thus triggering a violent attack. Neighbors rushed out of their homes with hammers and shovels to beat the dog off Mitchell. The woman tried to secure her dog to a phone pol… [Read full blog post]

Zupf: Pit Bull-Mix Hospitalizes Owner, Had Previously Bitten Son

Busts Through DoorRockville, MD - Lying in a hospital bed, Orlando Romero spoke to the Washington Post about what it was like to be attacked by his large pit bull-rottweiler mix, a dog that had bitten his son1 last month. The dog, named Jesus, had shown signs of aggression for about two months prior to the incident that hospitalized Romero. His injuries include: bites to his left arm down to the bone, damaged muscles and nerves and a large hole in his wrist requiring 150 stitches.… [Read full blog post]