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10 thoughts on “Footage Captures Daring Rescue by First Responders, After Dramatic 'Owner Attack' Inflicted by a Family Pit Bull

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  1. Each year there are more and more “family owned pit fatalities”, yet pit owners continue to defend their dogs. What is it going to take for people to realize these dogs have DNA in them that requites them to act on their bloodlines, even though they can be sweet little pibbles in the meantime.
    Obviosly, pit owners have no regard for the deaths and destruction their dogs might inflict upon other people or animals, but surely, they are getting tired of being eaten alive by their own pets.

  2. What is there to say? This story really speaks for itself. There is no positive spin to owning a pit bull. The entire community is put at risk, and the entire community pays for each attack. All of this for the simple choice of a pet.

    I watched the video and tried really hard not to read the comments on the side. Some are trying to say it was a pregnant female (poor thing. And the puppies!) or that it was a lab. The idiocy makes my head hurt.

  3. As always, I am grateful it was the owner that was attacked, and not an innocent victim, because this killer dog was going to kill someone. It was just a matter of time. This owner seems like an especially deluded member of the PBC (Pit Bull Cult), in that even being attacked previously and getting 200 stitches, didn’t make her waver one bit from her pit bull fanaticism.

  4. That was pitbull was obviously spoiled and pampered…you can tell by its girth. Not exercised nor trained to fight. I doubt the owner trained it to attack and maul her, either. The only possible explanation for its actions can be genetics.

    • Exactly what I was going to say. No dogfighter or game dog breeder is going to have a rotund animal like that in their dog yard. It’s safe to say this pit never missed a meal or was denied a treat.

    • It’s shocking that such a fat dog was able to inflict such injuries… you’d expect it to keel over halfway through with a heart attack looking like it does :/

  5. Lawmakers have to stop listening to the nonsense about breed specific laws which is spouted by the owners of bully dogs like pit bulls. Since 2006 there have been 3 psychological studies which focused on the personality and behavioral traits of the owners of pit bulls and other high-risk breeds of dog. A study published in the Journal of Interpersonal Violence showed a link between ownership of high-risk dog breeds and deviant behaviors, crimes against children and domestic violence. Another study concluded that “vicious dog ownership may be a simple marker of broader social deviance.” A third study established that the owners of high-risk breeds of dog displayed more antisocial thinking styles, have an arrest history significantly higher than owners of other dogs, and engage in fighting to a significantly greater degree than other dog owners. They also had higher levels of overall criminal thinking patterns to go with the actual criminal behavior. These people, who are fixated on the animals that kill, maim and terrorize, are not the people that a lawmaker needs in his camp. Reasonable people want fair laws that provide a solution to the obvious problems caused by pit bulls.- Kenneth Phillips

  6. Health insurance companies should have policies that medical treatment for victims injured by their own dogs is not covered, and those injuries are considered self-inflicted. These people will never stop. She “still loves her dogs”. She probably would love them a little less if we the taxpayers hadn’t paid for her ambulance and further treatment, so she would have lost her house and had to live under the bridge or in a homeless shelter, still being tens of thousands of dollars in debt for her treatment.

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