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13 thoughts on “Pit Bull Named 'Scarface' Mauls Family Members After Owner Tries to Put a Christmas Sweater on the Dog

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  1. Another article says it remains unclear whether this dog will be euthanized. Do they actually think it can be rehomed? Of course they'll just have to tell the new parents not to try and put a sweater on him, or else.

  2. Just after reading this article, I took my Chi out for a walk. A pitbull I haven't seen before escaped my neighbor's fence and started barking and running towards us. I picked up my dog and started walking in the other direction. I was expecting him to chomp down on my leg, but a man grabbed him right away, took him in and just slammed the door without saying anything to me. What a coward.

  3. Kay Cee, you need to file a police complaint and check to get a copy to make sure it is on file.

    NOT the dog officer, because they will often just throw the report out or lie about it.

    A dog, a child ,or an adult is going to be killed.

    Please don't walk your dog there anymore. To be Honest, I would never take a dog on a leash in public places anymore, because you never know when the attack will happen.

    • Dogs need to be walked though, you can't keep them locked indoors all the time either. Might be wise to invest in a thick wide leather collar to protect your dog's neck and perhaps a padded harness too. Though if your dog is small it won't stop it being shaken to death :/

      There was an elkhond attacked by 2 wolves in Sweden (there's go pro footage of the attack online), apparently what saved her life was the steel lined vest she was wearing (owner was a hunter, it's possible the vest is available from hunting outlets or something?). I'd love to get one of those vests for my dog to feel a little safer walking around areas where pits live, it's sad that I feel I have to go to such lengths though – and pit bulls are banned outright here (doesn't stop people keeping them and pretending they are staffies).

  4. Doesn't the owner look even more psycho than her dog?? Something about her eyes just looks… insane..
    I guess that's why many pit owners choose their dogs? Psycho attracts psycho?

  5. don'tt know how to contact Colleen here but I wanted to let Her know December 5th a Lauderhill Florida woman was in critical condition after her own pitbull attacked hera relative came home to witness this and called police and it took the police baton pepper spray and a gunshot to remove the attacking Pitbull from her this happened December 5th I'm not sure if she's alive or she died I never heard anything else was on the news onceshe was in very critical condition.she moved from North or South Carolina and she also had a go fund me page Yasmin Adam GoFundMe July 1st 2016 with a bunch of Pit bull puppies and wanted money to build a kennel for the puppies I checked this out and nobody donated to her go fund me. She moved to Lauderhill FL evidently she kept the mother dog and two puppies so somewhere running around are offspring of this mother dog that attacked her.they were very pampered well-cared-for house dogs

  6. Why didn't they just shoot the wretched animal with good old fashioned bullets? Did they believe "3rd time's a charm"? It was stabbed, Tased, pepper sprayed, and hit with bean bag rounds and it was still rampaging? All because the owner tried to put a sweater on it. No overreation there. And people allow these freakshow animals around their children? Disturbing.

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