Pit Bull Dog Aggression: Pit Bull Knocks Down 6-Foot Fence to Attack Dog

Breaks Dog's Back Oakland County, MI - Back in June, Gloria and Steve Chrisman, like many others, witnessed pit bull dog aggression first hand. This aggression is acceptable by pit bull owners, advocates and pit bull lobbying groups. Such groups claim that pit bulls are dog-aggressive not human-aggressive and therefore do not pose a risk to the public. Animal advocacy groups like Best Friends and the ASPCA support this deceptive claim and strongly pit bull laws, including… [Read full blog post]

Owner of Killed Cat Calls Pit Bull's Bite: "Death Grip"

Home Invasion Attack Fort Collins, CO - A Fort Collins pit bull has been euthanized after it entered into a neighbor's home and killed a pet cat in front of the shaken family, including two children. The pit bull, an 18-month-old dog named Lucky, chased a 2-year-old tan-and-white tabby named Simon upstairs into a bedroom and held the cat in an ironclad bite. "The dog clamped onto him and never let go," said Shannon Watson, the cat's owner. "He was just shaking it like a rag doll." W… [Read full blog post]