2010 Dog Bite Fatality: Houston-Area Baby Girl Killed by Family Rottweiler

Jeannette Vaughn, 3-months old, was killed by one of her family's rottweilers. Criminal Charges Unlikely UPDATE 12/21/10: New information reveals that baby Jeannette Vaughn was inside the home when one of the rottweilers pushed through a washing machine and a heavy slab of marble and mauled the infant to death. In a separate article, Chris Glaser of Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care (BARC)1 was quick to point out to abc13.com reporters, "You can't judge the family unles… [Read full blog post]

Dog Attacks, Trends and Dog Law Coverage of Texas

Due to the multitude of problems Texas faces regarding pit bulls, specifically 1.) The number of children seriously injured and killed by them, 2.) The inability for Texas cities to enact pit bull laws due to the 1991 statewide anti-BSL measure and 3.) Dogfighting, we've placed a group of Texas stories into one blog post. We hope that by doing so, Texas readers can gain a better understanding of these problems, as well as the attempts being made to overcome them. Dog Laws and Iss… [Read full blog post]