2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman Killed by Multiple Dogs in Western Cullman County, Alabama

Ronda Persall, 57, was killed by her neighbor's "yard dogs" in western Cullman County. Woman Killed by Dogs Cullman County, AL - Over the weekend, a woman was killed by multiple dogs belonging to her neighbor. Cullman County Coroner Jeremy Kilpatrick identified the victim as 57-year old Ronda Persall. She was attacked sometime around 2:30 am Sunday after the dogs escaped a fenced area. She was pronounced dead at the scene when the coroner arrived around 3:00 am. The attack oc… [Read full blog post]

2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Owner Charged After Dogs Contribute to Man's Death in Chesterfield County, South Carolina

Scottie Brigman, 34, was found dead covered in bite marks with four pit bulls nearby. Dog Owner Charged UPDATE 07/18/22: A Chesterfield County man is now facing serious charges after a man was found dead after a dog attack. Shantell Ross faces one count of involuntary manslaughter and three counts of vicious unleashed animals in connection to the death of Scottie Brigman, 34, whose body was discovered in the middle of Bailey Saw Mill Road on May 14 covered in bite marks. He was s… [Read full blog post]

2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Public Health Employee Killed by Pack of Dogs in Alabama; Second Attack by Same Dog Pack

First Victim Dies of Complications from Dog Attack Injuries Summer Beard and Michele Sheeks died after being attacked by the same pack of dogs. First Victim Dies UPDATE 07/13/22: On April 28, Michele Sheeks was walking down County Highway 11 south of Red Bay. When she got near Crumpton Road, a pack of dogs viciously attacked her. "They took her down and basically drug her probably about ten yards off the road, through a fire patch and barbed wire fence down in the edge of the pastu… [Read full blog post]

2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Young Adult Female Killed by Pack of Dogs on the Meskwaki Settlement in Tama County, Iowa

Chaille Morgan, 27-years old, was killed by a pack of dogs on the Meskwaki Settlement. Woman Killed by Dogs Tama County, IA - On Monday, the Meskwaki Nation Police Department published a post on Facebook alerting citizens to a fatal dog attack. In "all kaps," the notice states, "There was a vicious dog attack this afternoon by a large pack of dogs that resulted in the death of a young adult female community member. The attack took place in the area of Springs Road. Due to the sensit… [Read full blog post]