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31 thoughts on “2024 Dog Bite Fatality: Two Children Injured, Mother Found Dead After Dog Attack in Brooks County, Georgia

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  1. What is the rationale behind letting a pack of thirteen dogs exist
    anywhere in the USA? If some of the dogs were young puppies, I would be more tolerant of this nonsense. It’s pathetic that a young woman lost her life but amazing the children were not also killed.

    I would think that not having any animal control is stupid. Maybe this tragedy will cause change. I hope the owner of these dogs is prosecuted for causing the woman’s death. I’d love to know the breeds of dogs
    involved. How could anyone fight off thirteen dogs? The dogs were likely hungry, as feeding that number of dogs is not cheap.

  2. We don’t have any details about the ages of the dogs—just that the owner was not a “breeder.” He may have been a dog “collector,” taking in strays and no spay/neuter. It doesn’t take long for that to become 13 dogs. We see these cases in the south/southeast the most, in rural counties, where there are often no dog or animal limitations and no leash laws. She was only 35.

  3. May Courtney rest in pace I wonder if she died protecting her babies.are the dogs pitbull gs huskies Rottweiler.let said they’re pitbull how did the owner get ahold of the dogs wouldn’t people called for noise complaints and if the cops come wouldn’t they take the pets away because he got too many isn’t considered animal abuse.

  4. All too often in this country having an ACO is just a spot on the municipal payroll for some “Bagdad Bob” of a doggie activist to appear before the cameras and get their name in print- highlighting their own contribution to the cause whenever they sense their work deserves recognition.

    Don’t expect them to do the right thing when it comes to making dog owners more responsible. If they were driving test examiners, they would be handing out DL’s to the blind, since they prescribe to a “No Fail” policy as a course of rights. And when the new blind driver has a head-on on the interstate resulting in multiple fatalities…not their responsibility. Just an accident.

  5. My kids went to that school… That’s Brooks County not quitman city limits so they won’t do anything with the animal shelter they have there. I had multiple problems with pit bulls in that county and you have to just handle it yourself. It’s a shame that anybody would die from dog attacks in America in 2024. It’s totally unacceptable. I hope they kill every one of the dogs and I hope the owner of the dogs are found and held liable. If not found The dogs will do it again. They didn’t mention do anything to the dogs what they said they arrived and there were aggressive dogs. Time to stop baby and pitbulls and pit crosses and whatever stray dogs. Human life comes before dogs When will people start acting like that?

    • I see that at this location. A high school, a middle school, and ball fields virtually right across the street from this latest incident.

      And the “Furever Home” across the street was a known hot spot of “dogs gone wild”.

      As I said earlier, don’t count on an ACO to have made a difference. The rational of a lot of them is that the people who don’t own dogs are the ones who need to be controlled.

  6. Such a horrible tragedy. This county has skirted around their responsibility for their residents for years. Hopefully this tragedy will help the commissioners address this need and come into the present with ordinances and animal control. As always, I pray for the family during this tragedy

    • I do not understand this warnings about graphic contents.
      It is soooo sensitive to watch this kind of injuries , but also – people who are responsible for this kind of tearing children apart and killing their mother – easily could walk … without any punishment.

      If masses of people could see this kind of flesh ripped away from the bones and also dead body – it could change things for getting more real – and specially reactions to this tragedy- and others.

      I bet -that there are some clowns that would have to say something nice about the dogs – that did this.

      Spreading fear is aloud – or not aloud -depends -on who is spreading and why. ( remember covid era?)

      • And I’m thinking of September 11, 2001.

        When it came to showing the horrors of that day, I distinctly remember video coverage of the people who jumped out of the Twin Towers.

        The landings weren’t shown, but they certainly were described in many media outlets.

  7. Animal Control more often that not is useless anyways. You have to be prepared to defend yourself and END these dogs when they attack.

  8. AC or no AC, I fail to understand why the county didn’t have a limit on number of dogs per household without acquiring a kennel license.

    Had even that simple legislation been passed, at least the local law enforcement could have demanded the excess pack be removed from the premises whether it was a hoarding, amateur rescue op or breeding op.

  9. Wouldn’t involuntary manslaughter be appropriate since one adult killed, 2 children hurt and this is not the first time this owner has been irresponsibly releasing the dogs, has done it multiple times.

    Big jail time and compensationenough to cover the three kids full education🎓

  10. “Thomasville Humane arrived on the scene unsure of the dogs’ temperament or containment status. Staff brought essential supplies, including vaccines, microchips, […] and pet food.”

    They go on to request monetary donations, at the bottom of their press release.

    The authorities should not allow this nongovernmental organization anywhere near these animals. They’re abdicating their responsibility and letting this “no kill” org shelter and probably sell killer dogs. It’s so wrong.

    • Ugh. Putting so many resources into dogs that should just be euthanized to protect humans. It is disturbing.
      Looking at the Thomasville Humane site, their adoptable dogs are almost all pit bulls. If we just euthanized the pit bulls, we could actually provide resources for the dogs that won’t kill us. Such a waste.

      • Colleen, please keep us updated on the outcome for these dogs. The shelter that has them has a history of adopting dogs out, usually with waived fees. Then refusing to take them back. Mr Giddes moto is, “I have done my job, I found this dog a home. It is no longer my responsibility. ” He will openly tell anyone this. And has, at speaking engagements. He is not compassionate, nor humane. I fear these dogs WILL end up back in society. With no accountability….but look how wonderful no kill is….send your donation…

        • Right now, the dogs are under the authority of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI). They are evidence. The dogs are not under the authority of Thomasville Humane to release, only to hold the dogs pending an outcome of the investigation. Autopsy results are still unknown. We will keep you updated on the outcome of the dogs!

  11. Evaluating the dogs for possible placement seems reasonable to me.

    The behavior of packs of dogs is totally different than the behavior of individual dogs.
    Were the dogs being fed? Did they have to hunt for food?

    The people caring for the dogs can make individual decisions as to what to do with them.

    With no animal control system in place, what do pet owners do with too many dogs? Dump them? Shoot them?

    • Please clarify your first couple of statements. Do you think that dogs in this pack, involved with a multi-victim attack resulting in a fatality, should be evaluated for placement and adopted by a new owner? Because “The behavior of packs of dogs is totally different than the behavior of individual dogs.” ? Did I miss the sarcasm? Or are you serious?

    • Sorry Rachel but my reply is, “Absolutely not”.

      I’ve heard so much bullspit from so-called “expert dog behaviourists” at this point about what is fixable, what isn’t, etc etc. Look at the rate psychiatrists are wrong in court about assessing “dangerousness” in humans, who can actually describe their experiences and frankly, I’m not willing to risk it in an animal with a questionable background.

      Yes, some behaviours *are* fixable. By highly dedicated, experienced dog handlers.

      That’s not the general public.

      The pack needs to be humanely euthanized. I *might* make an exception for dogs deemed innocent that are under 15 lbs. This isn’t a risk the public should be forced to take. It isn’t just about the dog and potential owner.

      It’s about everyone else.

  12. What do you do? When you acquire a dog, get it neutered/spayed so you don’t end up with an uncontrollable pack of siblings in the first place.

    As far as rehabilitating them-would you REALLY be okay with owning a dog that was part of a pack that seriously injured a child and fatally mauled an adult?

    ALL the dogs need to be put down and the owner charged.

    I am sorry for the children. What they went through is unfathomable.

    • Honestly, I would trust some dogs outside of their pack.

      Years ago, we had a beagle mix (rescue, spayed) named Digger. Digger was scared of dogs, other animals, and people. One day Digger was in a two dog pack with the other dog belonging to the neighbor’s daughter. Together, they killed an adult sheep. The neighbor got rid of his sheep, and life went on. Digger simply was not aggressive by herself. I never saw the other dog involved.

      I have done a lot of training and a lot of showing dogs.
      I can judge a dog’s behavior.
      I don’t intend to ever judge a pitbull’s behavior, as I don’t believe them to be trustworthy.

      • I would never trust any of these dogs. Straight up euthanasia for all of them. A 35 year old woman died a horrific death. There are so many wonderful dogs that have not been involved in a mauling and killing.
        So, yeah, no way. Euthanize them all.

      • They all must be euthanized unless any can specifically be excluded for not being involved (such as one being crated at the time). Given the frenzy of a pack attack, the multiple victims involved, including the mother killed, and the similar coloring shared by the offspring, there may be no way to determine if there were “ring leaders.” This is an exclusion equation. If none can be excluded, the entire pack must be euthanized because the attack resulted in one human death and serious bodily injury to a child.

        Regarding livestock slaughter by dogs, Jake was a good boy before the two “shelter dogs” arrived on the rural farm. But Jake then learned “livestock-killing” behaviors, where Jake could never be trusted among the farm’s livestock again. Farmer’s can’t “get rid” of their livestock.

        • Also must take into account that this wasn’t the first incident at that location. That it was an ongoing problem that wasn’t properly addressed.

          And now from the looks of it, with the humane society coming to the rescue, the can is just being kicked down the road, with Mr. “It is not my responsibility” setting up to make things truly special and glorious.

          I think he should first attend one of these mauling autopsies. See if that registers any concern for future actions, responsibility, complicity, etc.

        • My neighbor, Jim Burnham, had a wife, Eva, one married daughter, Shirley, and a half dozen sheep. He was strictly a hobby farmer. Our dog, Digger, was caught in the sheep with Shirley’s dog. I know nothing about Shirley’s dog. One ewe was gutted.

          Jim did get rid of the remaining sheep. No other livestock were in the area. I know he knew Digger very well.

          Although not common, some “farmers” are not strictly farmers.

          Digger was murdered many years later by another neighbor’s male pitbull. Digger was following my dad on his tractor on our property. Digger slumped to the ground in a submissive pose. The pitbull grabbed her by the back of the neck, shook her back and forth and destroyed her neck muscles. My dad got Digger free but the damage was too severe for her to survive.

          Let me say this. There are dog bites, and there are pitbull bites. No one can visualize a pitbull bite without actually seeing one.
          Digger’s neck was eaten to the vertebrae. The bite was horrific, and I’d never seen a bite like this in years of veterinary practice and emergency work.

      • Rachel, the problem is…

        …they didn’t kill a sheep.

        They killed a human.

        And there’s zero guarantee that the dog will be given to an experienced dog handler/trainer or even an owner that has the foggiest notion of dog behaviour.

        I’ve fixed dogs. Even a few fear-biters. I get it. But I had the equipment, experience and household management setup to do it.

        That’s not the average dog owner.

        I don’t want an innocent nice dog to be PTSed either. But in this case, I don’t want some poor owner to take home a potential murderer, either.

        • I agree. The average dog owner has no idea as to how to train a dog.

          Years ago I was involved in euthanizing about fifty unsocialized dogs. Thank God no pitbulls were involved. Those dogs had bitten no one and nothing.

          Likewise, a group of unsocialized Border Collies was given to a vet class behind mine. The dogs had been raised in kennel runs, fed, and never handled. Each group of four students got one dog to take home.
          The fail rate was 100%. None of the dogs was suitable for a pet. They couldn’t be housebroken and didn’t want to be touched.

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