Aurora, Colorado Fighting Breed Ban Goes to District Court

Fighting Breed Ban Upheld UPDATE 11/20/08: Chief U.S. District Judge Wiley Y. Daniel has ruled in favor of the City of Aurora. Once again, the American Canine Foundation loses, making their "track record" undeniably horrific. The United States Supreme Court has also spoken on breed-specific law. The court rejected all grounds that a dog lobbying group brought forth: Procedural due process, Substantive due process, Equal protection of the laws and Void for vagueness. Lo… [Read full blog post]

Aurora Fighting Breed Ban Goes to Court

Now The Ugly Guys Show Up Aurora, CO - The American Canine Foundation (ACF), a Washington-based pit bull special interest group, frequently threatens and pursues lawsuits to intimidate city officials who have passed breed-specific laws. The group seems to be in litigation on a constant basis, but has little to show for their efforts. Likely the most significant case they "assisted on" is the Ohio, Tellings case, which recently got overturned by the Ohio State Supreme Cour… [Read full blog post]