Attorney Comments After Judge Throws Out Felony Charges in Fatal Dog Attack Case

Jerry Yates daughter, Jami Southard, and flowers placed where his life ended. Dead Men Tell No Tales archived Calaveras County, CA - On March 22, reported that Calaveras County Superior Court Assigned Judge Thomas A. Smith ruled that Sheryl Sellers would not face trial on felony charges after the mauling death of Jerry Yates. The judge cited California Penal Code Section 399, which requires prosecutors to prove that the person killed by vicious dogs took "re… [Read full blog post]

Video: Calaveras Enterprise Examines Pit Bull Victim's Last Steps

Mountain Ranch, CA - Jerry Yates, 69, was mauled to death by two pit bulls owned by Sheryl Sellers August 22. Sellers has since pleaded not guilty to the felony of knowingly having a mischievous animal, letting it be at large or keeping it without ordinary care, resulting in the death a person. Calaveras Enterprise1 journalist and video author, Joel Metzer, talks to Jami Southard as she recounts the events that occurred on the day of her father's death. What's notably missing f… [Read full blog post]

2010 Dog Bite Fatality: Mountain Ranch Man Mauled to Death by Two Pit Bulls

Jerry Yates' seen in his Celebration of Life photograph. Pleads Not Guilty UPDATE 09/17/10: Sheryl Sellers pleaded not guilty in a crowded courtroom on Tuesday, despite her dogs involvement in previous acts of aggression. Sellers lawyer, Ken Foley, also filed a motion to dismiss Judge Douglas Mewhinney declaring that he was prejudiced against the defendant. Yates' daughter, Jami Southard, had hoped Sellers would plead guilty and put the incident to rest. "She’s not goi… [Read full blog post]