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18 thoughts on “2024 Dog Bite Fatality: 4-Day Old Newborn Dead After 'Apparent Dog Bite' in Greene County, Tennessee

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  1. My initial reaction upon reading the headlines for this latest tragedy must have been the same for everyone else. Just a gut wrenching “Ughhh!” of disgust.

    Feel bad for the folks who had the terrible duty to get involved with this one. Not only do they witness this horror first hand, but then they are supposed to continue on for the next job the next pathetic pair of bickering neighbors, the next episode of the young & restless threatening each other on social media, the shoplifters, the drugged and deranged, the fender bender argument, the next shift, the next week, month, etc….

    And every so often, the next gruesome tragedy that punches your sense of sanity to the mat. Get up tomorrow and train for the next bout.

  2. Unfortunately there seem to be many internet pages showing dogs and infants together with people approving the practice, even with huskies, shepheds etc. Akita owners don’t seem to have this problem.

      • a video appeared online yesterday of a woman who is a student of a well known trainer , training a MALINOIS with a baby in a sling about 8 months the title ‘in mother we trust ; I WENT BERSERK , everyone else thought it was fine and Im the crazy Karen

        • I just commented if the dog subsequebtly kills the kid you are going to jail for murder and yes they all hate me but i dont care

        • People just do not think. This woman with the child and malinoa hysterical and crazy moving dog has obviously some mental issues. But, who will dig that? No one, until something bad happen. And maybe, not ever, even if the dog harms the child.

          It is absurd to make a comment to them.
          Why ?

          Because it is really scary to see how many millions of views this dangerous videos have. And even we write to all of them, nothing will change 🙁

          Video titled “She is having control”

          Proud father is recording a girl 6 – 7 years old walks on a leash CANE CORSO dog in a crowd !!!

          She could walk a bear or a puma – with the same potential for a disaster, but every one is hypnotized with “love” and “skills”

        • That’s nuts.

          While I admire her training skill–the number one lesson with training a dog around children is to train them to *stay away*, remain calm around them and that those rules are hard and fast.

          It’s not cute. It’s stupid.

          Guess what? When you have a kid around you have to make training time and kid time. You don’t get to do both, safely–especially the level of excitability that dog is showing during training.

          Never mind the blatant stupidity of training particular sorts of tricks where the dog could accidentally trip her *while* she has the baby in a sling. I’ve known owners training dogs to break hips and backs from teaching dogs those sorts of tricks and the dog doing them spontaneously on stairs or in dangerous areas because they’re excited or smell a treat. Dogs can misconstrue all sorts of cues. It happens.

          It’s one thing to train a dog to walk calmly beside a stroller or carriage. This is a whole other level of personal ego.

          Too bad common sense, isn’t common.

    • exactly!c theres myriad videos uploaded daily on tiktok of people putting babies in harms way as they introduce the new brother/sister its unbelievable, they even think the dog understands they are pregnant and shares their joy etc

  3. An easy way for a dog to kill a baby is to grab the head and crunch it. The dog could easily dismember the baby. Pick up the baby by the body and crunch it. The method is disgusting and does not matter. A baby
    was tragically killed. The horrific details don’t matter.

      • they are notorious cat killers or any small animals , the one that appears on my youtube thats so so highly trained originally presented as a relentless skunk hunter , when the owners had kids i said keep the dog away far away and they did , the noises babies make trigger primal behavior in the breed with a primitive mind

  4. It’s ok to stop being a pet owner when you have a baby. In fact it’s a great idea, for multiple reasons.

    My condolences to the parents of this precious newborn baby.

  5. She only kept her huskie because she loved more then her newborn baby or stepchild.if her dog killed many animals or bit her neighbors and eventually bit her stepchild she should put him down.I guess she doesn’t cared because he never bit her or harm her now the baby she carries for nine months is dead because of her selfishness.

  6. The mother knew this dog was dangerous before this incident ever happened.

    There’s a serious case of denial going on, here. Sadly, it’s common in dog owners to refuse to see what’s obviously right in front of them. Add in that, her absolute ignorance of how dangerous many lines of huskies are, when it comes to infants and toddlers. Either that or she knew those traits and even with all the previous evidence, refused to face up to the facts.

    Her overweening need for comfort from the dog, or her pathology, if that was the case–clearly was more important than the life of this child.

  7. Terrible. I’m convinced the vast majority of people who own a husky in the US are negligent dog owners who have no appreciation for the absurd amount of exercise the breed requires. For that reason alone, I’d never get one, but the fact that they kill newborns and occasionally small children means I’d be wary of even going to a household that has one (I have a toddler). Several people in my small town own them and I’ve never once seen them walking
    them. I suspect a lack of exercise would make them even more volatile and increase their already high prey drive even further. This is so tragic. Wake up, people – they may be beautiful dogs, but they were never meant to live in a backyard / house.

    • Dead on the money there, Ashley.

      Dunno how many husky owners I’ve asked, “Have you experience in training off lead? Is there space where you live to do that? Do you realize that a husky needs to RUN two hours per day and that they can cover 20-40 miles in that time? Do you intend to “walk” 20 miles a day? Do you have plans to replace their need to sled with activities such as scootering or bikejoring or running with a team pack?”

      Can’t tell you how many miserable huskies I see. Until they run an hour or more a day when they’re young, they *can’t* “heel” because they’re not running out their adrenaline to pay attention. Thus they pull, yank, chase prey, eat sofas and do all sorts of things that are actually out of character for them from sheer frustration.

      Throwing a cripple harness on them is a cruelty I cannot fathom. They’re trainable–*after* they’ve finished burning down. Then they throw that poor dog in the room with a kid.

      It often doesn’t end well.

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