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22 thoughts on “2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Family Pit Bull Mutilates, Kills 70-Year Old Woman in Nassau County, New York

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  1. This is so horrific. I wonder if this was an unstable dog or a dog with idiopathic rage syndrome. If the dog was dragging the son on leash the son had no control of the dog. How could a seventy year old woman have controlled a huge pitbull.
    She probably felt obligated to keep her son’s dog.

    • I learned a lot by reading game dog forums, watching sporting dog yard videos and reading their comments.

      Bully dogs / pitbulls or man-made mutants that are supposed to mature to suddenly of the drive and ability to attack and kill their own kind both at home and on neutral ground, on mutant man-made instinct alone.

      When a beagle chases a rabbit it’s not unstable.

      When the herding dog slinks around silently after I heard of sheep, it’s not idiopathic rage.

      These dogs, including the deadly bully dog, are all simply doing what humans intentionally created them to do.

      If the report is accurate and this is the bully dogs first attack, then this dog is what the dog fighters call a “late starter”.

      Most “good” bully dogs begin attacking and killing between 18 and 36 months of age. However some bully puppies are deadly to litter mates at 8 weeks of age

      It’s cruelty to continue to support dogfighters and they’re continued selective breeding for unprovoked, prolonged, mutual ground, suicidal, deadly aggression.

      • Exactly, Debbie.

        All of the pitbull supporters who take them home as “pets” are providing cover for the dogfighters.

        Used to be if you saw the odd pitbull, unless you saw the owner training it to fight, it might be a pet. No one had more than one pitbull *unless* they were dog fighters.

        Now all a dog fighter has to do is claim that they have five un-spay/neutered pitbulls as “pets” and it’s up to the police to prove that they are fighting the dogs before they can be charged. As there is a great deal of secrecy around illegal dog fights, that is clearly difficult.

        Pitbull supporters don’t “love” pitbulls.

        If they did, they would want to suppress the number of owners and breed out all aggression so only competent owners had the very few, left. They wouldn’t be shoving them off on families who are completely unable to cope with their erratic behaviour.

  2. Horrible. Pit lovers will say the savage attacked because it missed it’s owner. You know, anything to excuse the attack.

  3. So often we read that the first responders need counseling and care due to the horrific injuries they are forced to view and clean up. Pitbull owners should consider that in their decision to select a dog at the local shelter, despite how persuasive a shelter worker is to place a pitbull or a PB mix w them.

    • An edit please:

      “POTENTIAL pitbull owners should consider that in their decision to select a dog at the local shelter…”

      • Think of these dog shelters as used car lots. As in, they’ll say whatever they have to say in order to move the inventory.

        • Perfectly said, Quiet.

          Instead of helping people choose a suitable dog they can have a 15-year relationship with to the benefit of both…they shill for the worst dogs to be shovelled out the door.

  4. In the Indianapolis Animal Control shelter The director position was a revolving door until the pitbulls were put up for adoption. Some shelter employees do not own pitbulls. This pitbull looks like he was well cared for. So he didn’t need to kill for food. He killed because his genetics told him to kill. Why isn’t this breed extinct.

    • Not only killed someone, but ATE them. No other breed feasts on the remains of their human kills. Only the pit bulls and those breeds closely related to them (mixed with their genetics).

  5. Or course its the number one breed that kill people wait for a pitbull.there this recent stories where a pitbull kill a women in the UK and a women sleep with her pitbull and her friend visit her and her pitbull launched at him so she tries to wrestle the pitbull off him and the dog attacked her and wouldn’t let go luckly her daughter and her daughter boyfriend took the dog off her. And the same story the mom told oh he didn’t show any aggression and the mom of the deceased blame the hot heat for the pitbull that killed her daughter.

  6. At least they named the breed this time and did not hide the horrifying results of the attack.

    Even when the victim chose to keep the pit bull, it is a horrible way to die. And the grisly incident negatively impacts the lives of all those who respond. It is awful.

    It is hard to believe that so many people would advocate for keeping a breed that actively consumes human victims. It is disgusting, sick, and scary.

    • Some years ago I met a man with a one year old female white short haired medium sized dog that was insanely aggressive in his car. He had bought this pitbull puppy on craigslist for one hundred dollars as a GSD..I stupidly offered to help him with her. As he got her out of his car by her collar she launched herself to take off my face and almost got me for dinner. She showed absolutely no greeting behavior and her paws never touched the ground. Normal dogs don’t act this way. Never trust a pitbull.

      • Very true. Kevin Hart the comedian adds to his stand-up a bit about getting his son a dog which Kevin then learned to fear.

  7. Thank you all for your water in the desert comments.. It’s currently a world full of madness including the horrific babies next to pits photos all over social media to make a point. Thanks above all to the founder of this site for covering this topic so well.

    As a devout animal lover, it is my sincerest hope we can legislate away backyard breeding with the imposition of insurance requirements for ownership and higher fees for non spayed/neutered.

    For all of the waggy tailed submissive ones among the breed it is equally sad they are at such high risk of abuse and euthanizing.

    390,000 animals euthanized because we do not legislate away breeding high risk animals is a tragedy.

    • TC there are free spay and neuter programs all over North America for pitbulls.

      Yet, the owners keep breeding them non-stop to the point where shelters are overloaded with them, they’re running rampant in the streets and forming packs in the wild. Even where there’s BSL, pitbull owners just keep breeding them.

      I don’t know what the solution is any more other than culling every single pitbull that doesn’t have a home because their owners either through neglect or design, just keep breeding more of them.

      The results of the pitbull supporters’ decisions on the lives of everyone else can be seen here, every day, at Dogsbite and every few minutes, on Reddit.

      • Many pitbull owners would likely have their pitbulls spayed or neutered if they were paid for having their pets altered. How much money. I don’t know but free isn’t attractive enough. Dogs would have to be tattooed or microchipped. Otherwise people would bring the same butches in for multiple spays. Note that proving a bitch is already spayed in surgery may take more time than a routine spay.

        • Since they can sell off a single 10 puppy litter for $300 each (at the low end) from two free dogs they’ve collected I don’t think we can buy our way out of this.

          Good idea, I’m just not sure it’s practical.

        • Which is why strong laws must be put in place such as the law in Little Rock Arkansas.
          Said law states owner of pit bull, and/or mixes sires or dams, are required to have the dog spayed or neutered, photographed with owner and address and kept with the Sheriff’s department, be secured at all times, muzzled when on leash and hold a $100,000.00 Insurance policy at all times without lapse in policy.
          But we all must know that reporting any incident of aggression and or viscous dog or dogs at large is also paramount to the well being of all life as it creates a paper trail.
          No more will we have to hear that the dog in question has no history of aggression if we report any and all acts of aggression before it is too late.

  8. Pit bulls were originally bred to bull bait and dog fight. They were never meant to be family dogs due to their aggressive and dangerous disposition. That aggression or aggressive tendency is still wired into their DNA even if they don’t show it at first.

    • Exactly! The original dog fighters would cull any human aggressive pitbulls, they are in the pit with their dog! They didn’t want to be mauled… now every pit/bully puppy from every litter is churned out to the unsuspecting public, with zero temperament checks, these fighting breeds were never meant to be a pet.

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