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23 thoughts on “2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Dog Attack Suspected After Amazon Driver Found Injured and Dead in Ray County, Missouri

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  1. This past Summer 2022 was considered to be a “Summer of Slaughter” with near daily deaths by pitbulls.

    But of new consideration is the waning daylight hours during this fall-to-spring long season. The darkness should bring new caution for delivery drivers, postal carriers and walkers getting their exercise. Plus folks who do not own cars.

    Those dangerous dog owners must do everything possible to get their dogs solidly into another room when deliveries are made. Hopefully, walkers will travel only by daylight, which unfortunately is still dangerous. I hope car-less neighbors can join together to safely buy groceries or order groceries by delivery.

  2. This death was tragic and unnecessary. I would love to see pictures of these dogs. The mastiff is not a territorial breed.
    GSDs are very territorial. A typical GSD might run out of a yard to bite but would quickly get back in its yard. A mastiff might not care if it’s at home or not.. There, of course, are dogs of every breed with bad temperament.

    • Because it involves dogs. And, of course, everyone *knows* that the word dog is God spelled backwards.

      Can’t have anything that interrupts the dog worship or the flow of money to the pet industry!

      • Dear Neighbor, Thank you for your comment and the sanity reminder. I’ve grown to HATE that God spelled backwards malarkey. Let’s take it a step further, is God known for mauling and murdering children? I don’t think so! The dog worship society will continue to turn a blind eye to this ongoing tragedy. Yes, just follow the money. When an Ikea dresser or faulty baby sling or whatever kills a child, no one sits around and tries to spell things backwards. Those dangerous products are all over the NATIONAL news and quickly recalled. I wish we could recall these vicious dogs.

  3. They have locations where people can pick up Amazon packages. I think with aggressive dogs should use that option rather than have deliveries to their house.

    • I asked a postal carrier who delivered a package to my house how he keeps himself safe. (He knew about the Florida case.) He said he gets alerts about which houses harbor aggressive dogs. Because of that, he won’t go up to the door. Often times, no owner is there, and the snarling beast is threatening to bust through the door. I fear for these hardworking mail carriers, UPS and Amazon drivers. There needs to be safeguards in place, e.g. a tracking guide for the “beware of dogs” deliveries. I also warn these sweet, young missionaries who canvass my neighborhood.

    • If you ask the owners of vicious dogs if they bite, most owners will say, “No”. If you ask the owners of nice dogs if they will bite, most will say, “Yes”. They might bite.”. One can simply not trust the owners’ information. Please note that I don’t think the owners with aggressive dogs are lying when they give incorrect answers. They give the answers they believe are correct.

      Did the owners of the “house lions” believe that their two bullies would kill their children? Of course not.

      I even wonder if the biting dogs are giving body language that they are going to bite but the owners cannot or will not recognize it.

      I witnessed a dog bite last night. Whose fault was it? It was the victim’s fault. I don’t think the bite broke the skin. The dog bit because he was cornered by a person he fears. Fight or Flight. He couldn’t get away. He was giving a lot of body language that he would bite. The victim ignored it.

      Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people could recognize their dogs’ body language? A closed mouth equals upset. Panting equals relaxed. A dog which is panting will close its mouth right before biting.

      • Tragically, bully dogs are intentionally created to not give warning before attacking.

        Most normal dogs give warning because survival instincts cause them to avoid severe attacks/fights.

        They rush and retreat, they bite and release. They want you to leave so they let you leave.

        Mauling gripping dogs do not want to avoid attacks/fights.

        There’s no point in giving warning before doing what they are created to do.

        Pointers don’t give warning before pointing, they just point.

        Retrievers don’t give warning before retrieving, they just retrieve..

        While any dog can bite, we aren’t here because of a dog bite, We’re meeting here because of game insane dogs that are created to mature to want to grip, maul and kill.

        • Exactly, Debbie.

          One thing of note though: In decades, I’ve only ever seen one well-trained pit bull that was owned by a dog trainer.

          They’re all lunging, pulling and completely deaf to anything the owner says unless they’re waving a cookie and even then–generally, not.

          Their owners are dragged behind them on harnesses, or using hobble harnesses what the dog leaps and lunges and most are barking and acting like utter idiots and the few who are not–still are not paying attention to their owners or heeling.

          That’s even before we get to the insta-maul, phase.

      • Rachel, what I’ve noticed is this.

        If you ask someone, “Is your dog friendly?” and the answer is quickly, “this is a good dog” (while the dog sits quietly)–they’re likely telling the truth.

        If you ask someone and they say, “Yes except…”–There is no “except/but”–a dog has either been trustworthy up to that point or it has not.

        Also, I don’t give a crap what the owners believe. If the dog is ignoring the owner, leaping and lunging even in friendliness, barking, cowering or eye-fugging me or my dog or walleyed–I’m taking off across the street.

        In other words, if it’s not quiet and well-mannered while you ask the question, get outta Dodge.

    • Sadly, so many people with aggressive dogs are in total denial that they are aggressive though. Just listen to most pitbull owners.

  4. The 2017 UPS driver account was frightening because he was trapped on a vehicle w 2 of the 4 pitbulls hanging onto his legs.

    The criminal case could unbelievably not be made despite the frowsy blonde pitbulls owner threatening to shoot first responder fire department battalion chief after barring him from the property. And no previous complaints about the dogs. No more free bites!

  5. Do we know the names of the owners of these dogs on Rose Lane in Excelsior Springs? Pictures need to be posted by the police department of the dogs.

  6. I am pretty sure I know the property these dogs were on and the owners’ names. They must have installed a new fence since the street view was done but it’s the same porch as the news coverage. They just so happen to be on a cruise right now according to the daughter-in-law. The wife locked down her account so no pictures or information. Husband doesn’t appear to have social media. Why do they protect the identities of vicious dog owners?

    • Why do they protect they identities? Well, I’ll tell you why. Disclosing their identity would probably interfere with all of that virtue signaling.

      I’m referring to all that rhetoric about rescuing dogs, being dog parents, and those bumper stickers that say things like “I heart my pit bull.”

      In this case, I’m surprised that they didn’t take their adorable doggie-woggies with them on the cruise.

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