Victim Advocate: 'You Don't Get Bitten by a Pit Bull, You Get Mauled'

Mobile Explores New Laws Mobile, AL - After a series of recent dog attacks, -- two involving pit bulls in the same week -- city officials are looking at new dog laws that range from requiring stronger enclosures for dangerous dogs to an outright ban on pit bulls. City Attorney Jim Rossler said he's compiling information on other cities' dangerous dog laws to show council members the range of possible regulations. Councilwoman Connie Hudson believes that reviewing these opti… [Read full blog post]

Ridgeland, Mississippi Passes Pit Bull and Wolf-Hybrid Ban

Ban Passes 6-0Ridgeland, MS - In a 6-0 vote, the City of Ridgeland, Mississippi (population 21,000) passed an ordinance this week that deems pit bulls and wolf-hybrids "vicious." The new law also limits these dogs (and all dogs deemed "vicious") to one per household. Owners of these dogs must microchip their animal, pay a $100 registration fee, meet other national registration, training and enclosure requirements and consent to unannounced inspections as well. Under th… [Read full blog post]