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8 thoughts on “2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Killed by Pair of Pit Bulls at Mobile Home Park in Moncks Corner, South Carolina

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  1. “Escaped from the front porch”… were they even secured or did they just charge off? I’m guessing it’s number 2 in which case this should be negligent homicide.
    This is the problem with see repeatedly with low knowledge pit owners. Combine a bred to kill dog with owners that don’t bother to properly secure them and this is the expected outcome.
    Pits should not be pets.

  2. The dogs escaped the front porch. Was the porch enclosed? Could the dogs leave whenever they wished to do so? If the dogs had been any other breed, the man would not have been injured.
    Pitbulls are not pets.

  3. May David Rest In Peace .I’m really confused did the killer dog run into his home with the door open are the door was slightly closed and the monster ran in and attacked him.again the owner of the pitbull is not going to face any tough consequences she probably going to get a slap in the wrist.I heard the pro pitbull say if the pitbull is attacking someone all you have to is to pull hind legs is that true or did they make it up.

    • Pulling up by the hind legs is unlikely to stop a pitbull attack.

      The man was attacked outdoors.

      I’m glad to see that charges have been filed. Kenneth Swayne’s belligerent Facebook post ought to make it harder for him to convince a judge he had no idea the dogs were dangerous. I hope they both receive the most severe punishments available.

  4. If convicted, up to 5 years in prison. Only 5 years. Needs to be much more. I hope she gets every bit of that 5 years for allowing those murder dogs to murder that man.

  5. Most interesting that the United States closed out Pit Bull Awareness Month with multiple fatalities in a single day. Other dog owners are rarely this irresponsible. For some reason, pit bulls seem to attract the lowest common denominator when it comes to the people who consider this to be a great family pet.

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