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6 thoughts on “DogsBite's Giving Tuesday Challenge 2023 - Help Us Complete Our Victims' Database Through 20-Year Period

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  1. Just want to add a few words here for the general public:

    It’s easy to feel sorry for victims and fundraise for them. We all feel deeply when someone innocent is unjustly hurt and we feel for families who have lost their loved ones to a tragedy. We open our wallets.

    It’s much harder to fundraise for people who have been victimized that want to stand up, fight back and challenge the unjust systems that collaborated in their victimization.

    Those causes are less media sexy. They aren’t often front page news and when they are–it’s often covered in a negative light.

    Yet these are the most important causes to put your money towards because they fight to cut down the amount of misery in the future.

    We need the statistics and stories from Dogsbite so that advocates can sally forth into council meetings and lawyers can prove their cases and to fight, not only for justice towards the victims but to cut down on the amount of preventable tragedies in the future. We need these statistics to prove that dangerous dogs are being foisted onto an unsuspecting public resulting in ever-widening tragedy in families and communities. We need the counter-narrative to the idea that all dogs deserve a home–instead of, “is this family equipped to deal with that dog?”

    Add in millions of dollars in other pets and livestock that are slaughtered each year.

    It’s easy to reach out to the victims of dangerous dogs to offer comfort and support.

    But that won’t solve the problem.

    To do that, we have to stand against the status quo, speak out and fight back.

    And that’s an important place to put a few dollars, too.

    Please consider all the hard work Colleen has put into Dogsbite and how useful it has been, the positive changes that have resulted then reach down there into your pockets for a few dollars, more.

    Thank you.

  2. Donated today. The work that is done here raises public awareness, educates and saves lives. The tenacious and thorough reporting is backed up by facts not fiction. Keep up the Good Fight.

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