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16 thoughts on “DogsBite's Giving Tuesday Challenge 2022 - Act Now to Ensure that Our Research is Not Silenced

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  1. If we valued the life people over dogs then the pitbull ban will never been uplift. I guess people care more about the pitbull well being then people.if we kept the ban of not owing a pitbull as family dog then innocent babies won’t died a horrific death.I’m glad there are good hart people out there who donate to colleen so she can get the story out about the dangers of pitbull.

  2. C’mon you guys, we can all give a bit to help Colleen and DogsBite make 8k!!!!

    She’s one of the few voices out there with enough platform support to spread the word. She’s super supportive of victims who deserve to be heard.

    If anyone is on Reddit, Twitter etc. and has access to other people who are fighting for BSL let them know!

    Let’s show her we appreciate her hard work.

    *wanders off to pick up an online payment card*

      • Me again.

        Quoting from the Williston Herald story, which is linked from the footnote at the end of this post:

        “In March, a local woman, Jessica Burling, was arrested after her children accidentally let her dog out the door when they arrived home from school. The incident has recently gained traction on social media, with the involvement of Animal Farm Foundation, a national non-profit organization that focuses on ending dog breed restrictions and helps give dog owners who live in areas with breed specific legislation skilled legal representation.”

      • Try Reading Stacey Coleman’s linked in (the ED of Animal Farm)…it’s a who’s who and what’s what of pitbull nuttery.

        Her entire schtik is “breed doesn’t matter” and her degree is in ASL–not animal behaviour or anything science or legal-related. So, who appointed her?

        Supposedly AFF sucked in 1.7 mil and SPENT 2.1M in 2020. Someone explain how that happened cuz as someone who worked in the non-profit sector, I’d love to hear that explanation.

    • AFF is likely funding a pantload of lawyers for these people trying to get their killing dogs off death row as well as definitely trying to force legislation at the state and fed levels to make local banning of pitbulls illegal.

      They are the ones behind taking counties to court over and over again as a form of harassment (even if they lose) until those counties can no longer cover the legal costs so they are forced to withdraw the bans.

      Scientology Tactics Handbook 101.

  3. Were you all aware of what happened to the Sea Shepherd Conservative Society (USA)? Their mission was to directly confront whaling ships.

    It looks like the board was infiltrated and they basically shut it down from the inside – the new mission is “research”. I wonder if AFF could ever change their mission from pitbulls into something more positive for communities.

    • If you’re trying to address something you view as evil (Watson’s perspective due to the near-extinction of whales from poaching) and the feds infiltrate your organisation then manipulate your membership to make you ineffective at achieving your originally stated goal (that your members signed up for, I might add) that’s not a “positive thing”.

      It’s a common tactic to shut down oft-needed, necessary change and it’s when non-profits stop being about the goal and start being about the money. That’s the problem with AFF in the first place. They’re raking in millions *not* to fix the pitbull problem–but to keep all those legal arguments going forever so they can rake in more money. (Watson wanted whaling to STOP not blither around in court for years while they went extinct) Meanwhile, people are horrifically dying.

      If there were no pitbulls tomorrow, an awful lot of financing would dry up in Pitbull Industrial Complex including AFF.

      The SPCA’s original goal was to stop animal abuse. If that was their goal in regards to pitbulls, they’d be PRO ban. Why? Because if, in two decades only dogfighters have pitbulls then it’s easy to point out who is fighting those dogs and convict them. Putting a dog to sleep isn’t abuse. Fighting it, is.

      SPCA’s refusal to demand legislation that stops the breeding and euthanizes neurotic messes that murder children is the wrong side of the debate.

      I don’t generally agree with PETA but they’re making the honest call on this one,

  4. Such a loss that DBO well-spoken commenter Richard Buffalin has passed. Just read his giving drive comments, especially his 2021 annual giving drive posting. Sounds like he maintained fitness, despite the terrorizing attacks by pitbulls he endured in his daily walks. Brave man!


    Bear in mind I am below poverty level. But I could send $25.00

    • Of course you can. To snail mail a check is one of the most popular ways our donors give.
      Mail us a gift – “No fees”

      The other way to ensure that no third party processing fees will be applied to your donation is to donate the old fashioned way. Just mail a check or money order to our address in Austin:
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