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16 thoughts on “2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Multiple Pit Bulls Kill Elderly Man in Kau, a District in Southern Hawaii County on the Big Island

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  1. All of the dogs, including the puppies, should be humanely euthanized for the good of society. Elderly people should not have to worry about being attacked by their neighbors’ pets.

    • I’m not sure if you saw it but they were all euthanized including their 10 puppies. The funds to rescue these vicious animals must be drying up at last! For a while there it seemed like people were willing to throw away all their money trying to make sure these types of vicious dogs were locked away in solitary confinement and let compassion for the victim and the animals be damned as long as THEY SAVED THEM ALL! The pit bull that is no one cares about the sweet little dogs that never hurt a fly being mauled & disemboweled while still alive, after all they could be replaced, it was the pit bulls that were in short supply and every single one no matter how vicious needed to be saved! Whatever happened to slow this insanity is a great thing for everyone! Not that I care much about the insanely wealthy people losing their money trying to buy the pit bulls redemption! It’s just nice knowing that there’s are 14 fewer vicious pit bulls in the world!

      • In my Northern Colorado town, if an animal bite is treated medically, animal control now assesses the animal and owner at their house. My sister in law was bitten by her cat, and then developed an infection. She was interviewed by Animal Control. I don’t know if it is because of rabies or dangerous animals.

  2. There’s a lot of pits and pit mixes in Hawaii. They’ve been a problem for quite awhile. Poor guy. Probably just out for a walk.

  3. It sounds like tethering is illegal. I don’t like tethers because they break. However, it’s better than nothing. I hope the owner is charged. Just destroying these dogs won’t prevent other attacks.

  4. If the dogs are pitbulls are any other dangerous then they should done something way before he died.not only did they have one dog but four whatever breed dogs was .they should put all four dogs down even the puppies.I don’t know how someone can lived peacefully with 14 dogs around.

  5. If you can’t afford to fence and you can’t tether either put up a dog run or have your dog out on leash or don’t have a dog. Easy solutions. Zero acceptable excuses.

  6. Another dead senior citizen. Not a nice, quiet hospital or elderly home care or natural death–mauled to death, terrified and bleeding because someone else was irresponsible.

  7. I recently met a man from Hawaii who said pit bulls are everywhere and that people there are aggressively protective of the breed. He had to fight one off and he is concerned about his girlfriend getting attacked and being unable to defend herself as she is petite. Although 71 is older, I know men that age who are actively working, working out, doing manual labor, etc. It is not just small or infirm people at risk. It sounds like this area of Hawaii is making strides in the right direction though by hopefully penalizing offending dog owners.

  8. Seems crazy to me that tethering is illegal.
    Granted living next to to an ignored chained dog is horrible.
    However it is worse having that dog in your back yard because the owners can’t or won’t keep it contained.

    Being ignored is the issue, not being tethered.

    In my city the highest back yard fence you can have is 6 feet and the limit is 4 feet in the front.
    Neither of those are enough to keep in a determined pit.

    A responsible owner would build a 6 sided pin and then walk the dog on a leash on their property.
    Then again a responsible owner wouldn’t have a pit.

    Neighbors down the road had no fence, no pen, no leashes and 2 pits.

    When ever it was potty time or the owner was sick of the barking he would open the door and the maulers would bolt for the horizon.
    Unfortunately they always made it home.

    Glad they moved out, hope they euthanized the pits.

  9. There are several rural developments and neighborhoods on the Big Island with a serious loose pit bull issue. It was for this reason alone I did not invest in acreage anywhere near these areas.
    I want to walk and bike freely, and for my children to feel safe in the place they call home. People have the RIGHT to move about their lives FREELY without fear of gdamn neurotic, hungry, aggressive, PITBULLS!!

    It’s inexcusible for people to let their dogs roam, but it is equally unethical to keep them chained up or kennelled all day every day of their sad lives. The law enforcement on B.I. is pathetic when it comes to protecting citizens and punishing criminals! B.I. has a ROTTEN attitude toward animal stewardship, and it is unlikely to ever change.

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