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12 thoughts on “2021 Dog Bite Fatality: Elderly Puna Woman Dies After Multi-Victim Dog Attack Last Month on the Island of Hawaii

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  1. Just like living in Paradise, except for the presence of dangerous breed canines. It was not the real Paradise, because there, “…outside are the dogs…”

    Sure would be a nice lifestyle, walking down the street in a nice residential neighborhood, and surviving. Unscathed. But no, those two things are too much to ask, because it is legal to own dangerous breed canines, and because dangerous personality types want to own them, and they want to allow their dangerous breed canines to use the public street for their own hunting grounds. Another owner to newly sing the same old song: “He was always so friendly, I don’t know what could have gotten into him.”

    Someone please tell the police that nothing provoked them to attack, except that they are unpredictably and/or predictably dangerous breed canines. Because they were bred solely for that one specific purpose: To kill to the death, unprovoked, without warning.

  2. The old, the young, the disabled, anyone…these maulers know no bounds. But it’s so often the most vulnerable. I was told quite awhile ago that Hawaii is home to many of these land sharks.

  3. If there is any state in the union that needs a ban on dangerous dog breeds it is Hawaii…Imagine the havoc that these animals could wreak on Hawaiian wildlife…There are many lairs a feral dog pack could hide in there…As for shelters there space would be severely limited and transfer out of state lines would be cost prohibitive…Such canines should be immediately dispatched…If they can’t get a ban they should reclassify pit bulls and other dangerous dogs as invasive species…That way they could be culled and their owners could be charged with quarantine violations…

  4. “Don’t know what caused them to attack”

    “Partial fence”

    They were prey driven dogs, in a large pack that saw slow prey walking down the street and an easy way to get at that prey.

    It’s not complicated.

  5. As usual, “no prior incidents” means nothing with pit bulls. What a horrible way to die. Too bad the dog weren’t shot at the scene. Why Hawaii doesn’t have a pit bull ban is beyond me. It should be much easier to enforce on an island.

  6. The rescue trucks revving their engines trying to „scare” the pits off-the definition of futility. I would hope that the agency will try to develop more effective ways to stop pits in active attack.

  7. OMG, the statement from who else ?!!…the Hawaiian Humane Society is utter nonsense when dealing with marauding pit bulls. To avoid an attack, this was some of her sage advice: remain calm, speak softly, don’t move, move sideways, don’t move your arms. She’s more worried about the shelter’s bottom line than the victim. The optics are never good for these paid liars. So despicable how the media brings on some “expert” to negate or second guess these tragic events.

    • Terrible advice! It would be an impossibility to “don’t move” or the other ridiculous notions, if a pitbull or AmStaff is literally crunching down on your bones and/or tearing at your throat

  8. “We don’t know what provoked the dogs to attack”

    Oh, I can take a wild guess. It’s because they were PIT BULLS who saw weak targets!

  9. The local media reports lied, flat out LIED saying there were two dogs. No, this was someone’s demon dog PACK and the owner needs to be imprisoned!

  10. You’re proud of one of the dogs you produced biting and seriously injuring a human being? You’re reveling in the blood. That’s sick.

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