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18 thoughts on “2016 Dog Bite Fatality: Homeless Man Killed by Pit Bull-Mixes Owned by Honolulu Business

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  1. Clearly clothes washing is a trigger. I figured I might as well say it first.

    Seriously when are people going to wake up. The carnage seems at a record pace this year.

    • Yes, I added it to my list. "Washing your clothes in a stream" "Being Homeless" is already on my list. Several "being homeless" was already on my list.

  2. Pit bull advocates, you did it again

    Despite all the pit bulls dying because of overbreeding, you advocates slave away to enable more and more breeders to breed more and more pit bulls!

    Breed specific legislation is despised by pit bull breeders and dog fighters because they can't prey on pit bulls as easily

    but you advocates help these breeders keep on hurting the dogs themselves, and innocents around them

  3. Why on earth is there only one news story on this buried several pages in on search results? Usually these DBRFs merit at least several news stories and are higher up on search results.

    When Hunter Bragg was killed, it was huge news. Are the pit nutters succeeding in scaring the media? Their cries of unfair media representation may be making reporters think twice.

    • Because the victim in this case was homeless and probably had little or no family to mourn him. It's a sad fact of human nature not to care about someone in a position of "inferiority" particularly if that person has no support network of friends and family. Homeless people die every day without making headlines.

  4. Yes, I had trouble finding this story on line. His story will be buried and his life won't be given another thought by the pibble people.

  5. Oh My God! Does Hawaii have a tourist site people can comment on?

    Don't Go to Hawaii where it is legal to let your dogs out to kill people!

    • Good idea. HI is very dependent on tourism. If the state gets hit in the pocketbook, watch HI change its tune.

  6. Clearly I have not had enough coffee this morning because I think I just read that the dogs that killed a man have been released to the owners- who suddenly will be responsible and keep them contained……

    I find it even more impossible to understand anyone that would want a dog back that had killed someone.

    I think I better go back to bed so I can wake up in the real universe and not Bizarro World.

  7. The owners of Containerland have Yelp and FB business accounts. Would it be a violation of these websites to post about these attacks?

  8. The Hawaiian Humane society is in the dog fighting business, as are many animal control shelters in the United States.

    Special interests got in and contaminated organizations that recieve public funding, and if people would stand up to this, it would stop.

    • All the more reason to stop giving them money. And tell your friends to do the same.

  9. Well, well, well. Another disappearing FB page. That has NEVER happened before.

  10. Try They are VERY flexible with their allowances and their reviews show up in searches. The truth that the public usually never gets to hear

    The Hawaii advocates for the homeless also seem to have abandoned this man and others. Does anyone know if there are advocacy groups in that area that actually represent the homeless and their interests?

  11. Is this a first? I don't recall seeing any reports that a dog who had killed a person was allowed to live, let alone returned to the owners. Then again, I am fairly new to these issues.

    As for the condition that the dogs be kept secure…yeah, that's worked out really well so far. Bizarro World is right!

    Is dog fighting big in Hawaii? Is there any evidence these are fighting dogs?

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