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49 thoughts on “2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Baby Girl Mauled to Death by Dog in Washington County, Arkansas

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  1. Yes, a crime has been committed. And, to be sure that there is no misunderstanding, I will spell it slowly and carefully.


      • I want dangerous dogs banned so that these terrible events won’t happen anymore. So that people won’t have the choice to make a simple mistake that leads this kind of grief. It keeps happening over and over and I want it to stop.

        • There is NO ONE who wishes this baby was still here more than
          the family of the child.
          This FAMILY’S heartbroken, and lost!
          Thank you for your concern and PRAYERS 🙏

          • RE Mama: “This FAMILY’S heartbroken, and lost!”

            The baby is the victim. Not the family.

            If this family truly wants to heal, they need to advocate against dangerous breeds. To prevent another family from going through the heartbreak they went through. Even if just one child is saved it will be worth it. The beauty for the family will be not knowing what child it is they helped save. What you are doing Mama is the opposite of that.

      • Mama:

        If you hand your toddler your car keys then sit them in the driver’s seat of the car so you can instagram it then they smash into a tree and die, that is NOT “an accident”. Sure, it might not happen and you might get a cute photo but the risk is entirely predictable. It’s also reckless endangerment.

        It was the obvious outcome of a pile of stupid decisions for your own selfish desires. It’s not an “accident”. It’s an entirely preventable tragedy.

        That’s what happens when you take home a pitbull in a family.

        That make it any clearer to you?

      • Not really, not with the extensive track record of murder pit bulls have. Sorry you’re a supporter of bloodsport dogs. It’s more like negligent homicide. Willful ignorance. Tragic accident isn’t something with a 150+ year track record.

      • Tragic incident nothing accidental about it though. I mean seriously – no disrespect BUT if u hold a 6 shooter with only 1 bullet up to ur head and pull the trigger 5 times…and u blow ur brains out that’s not by definition accidental that’s by definition “accepted risk”
        But hey-play dumb games , win dumb prizes.
        Another innocent precious baby eaten alive by a pit

      • Let me get this straight. A dog accidentally K.I.L.L.E.D a baby so that’s called an accident in your mind. So That’s fine with you. Okay great. Now we all know where you stand. Murder is no accident. Murder is murder. So if I go around on a murder spree that would be called an accident. Lol what’s wrong with people now a days lol.

      • That is the problem with pitbull owners. They think they are “perfect dog owners”, taking home a difficult dog and expecting to keep an eye on it, 24/7.

        The rest of us imperfect people know that one day, we’ll run for the bathroom and the dog might be alone with the baby, or grandma. Or that things might fall on the floor and startle the dog, or that a dog that kills other dogs and cats is likely dangerous to people. Or that we might make a training error.

        We know that can happen so we choose dogs that aren’t going to go on a mauling spree at some minor provocation or are genetically designed to be high strung, anxious and “game”.

        And we know that kids might do weird things to dogs so we try to prevent it–and choose dogs that are resilient enough to put up with annoyances before murdering the source of annoyance.

        We choose dogs where there can be a margin of error without worrying about the consequences of those errors resulting in someone’s death.

      • Re being “holier than thou” and “kicking people when they down,” Mama:

        Suppose your loved one owned a particularly dangerous car, or was taking a particularly dangerous medication, and was unaware of the risks.

        Would you complain that news reports of deaths associated with this car or this medication was “kicking people when they’re down?” Wouldn’t you rather KNOW about a risk that might affect someone you love?

        I agree that cruel remarks are unhelpful. But people also point out — again and again and again — that one particular SORT of dog is statistically more responsible for these tragedies than ALL other dogs combined. Do you see that the majority of these tragedies would NOT have occurred, had people heeded these warnings?

      • I’m glad I am too!
        And I don’t think any1 here thinks or acts holier than thou
        U shouldn’t judge or berate ppl for showing good sense

  2. I’m beginning to wonder if everyone but me has a pitbull.
    It seems like many family members of the deceased child are pitbull owners. This child should not have lost her life. Whether the dog was an outside dog or an inside dog is irrelevant. The breed is relevant because most of these deaths are caused by pitbulls.

    • It does seem like that, doesn’t it? Really, it’s just that other dogs and their owners don’t require (or create) the drama that goes along with pits. Normal dogs don’t end up in the news for killing infants. Normal dogs don’t get out of their yards to cause mayhem among their neighbors. Normal dog owners don’t feel the need to plaster their dog all over social media in an effort to convince the world that their dog is a sweet and loving pet that would never hurt a fly and would “lick you to death” if given the chance.

  3. The friend of the family exemplifies willful ignorance: “Yes I was aware that people say pitbulls are dangerous; no I had no idea pitbulls are dangerous.”

    With a little “it’s not just pitbulls!” thrown in (technically correct but her intention is to protect the breed’s reputation).

  4. Its people like her that pitbull aren’t this nameless baby is dead because of her family choice of family doesn’t matter if they charged her with any crime it won’t change her mind about the dangers of owning a pitbull.her going to jail is nothing compare her losing a baby. She have to lived with the guilt knowing her dog killed her baby.she will never get any more I love you hug and kisses and spend time with her that’s worst her then her spending days behind bars.

  5. Of course they didn’t believe the baby was at risk. That is the crux of the problem. EVERY pit owner thinks THEIR dog would never, THEIR dog is different, they treated THEIR dog the right way. They steadfastly refuse to consider what this breed was designed to do. It’s cognitive dissonance the height of Mt. Everest.

  6. It blows my mind how even the victim’s families often continue to defend the breed, Like, that creature just killed your baby, and that isn’t enough for you to see these things for what they are? Wow.

  7. No one is defending the dog!!!
    You should never assume that you know the details of a situation. When you do you make an ass out of your self. I wish I were perfect like I could judge others.MUST BE NICE!

    • Well, Mama B, if you have more details I wish you would share. All you’re (yes, that’s short for “you are”) doing is just coming here yelling at people for making assumptions and judgements. I won’t say which of us is actually making an ass out of themselves. It would be helpful to know what happened. Do you know more? Or did you get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and decide to come to a site that advocates for the victims of dog attacks and yell at us?

      • Never one time have I yelled at anyone.
        I came to the conclusion that I have to agree to disagree with the social media on this one.

        • Actually, I blame the pitbull lobby for shilling them as “nanny dogs”, the pitbull breeders for profiting off others’ misery, the shelters for shovelling them out the door and anyone else who is defending this breed from being phased out humanely since they are unfit for purpose in today’s society.

          If I recall correctly, the husband wanted to keep the pitbull while the wife didn’t trust it–and they paid the ultimate price for his selfishness and refusal to see the problem staring him in the face.

          We’re not here to soothe anyone’s feelings although sometimes, we do.

          We’re here to promote the facts and science about these dangerous dogs.

          We’re here to advocate for the victims of pitbull violence and society’s right to phase them out for everyone’s safety and that includes these victims.

      • I wish ppl who owned any large breed or pitbull breed would be charged with whatever crimes their dog committed so, maybe ppl would think twice about what dog they decided to own.

    • Do tell…there are no details that can change the fact that a baby was killed by the family pet which was a DOG-what kind of dog?
      That’s right

      Say it

    • You should be joining in with us to warn people about the dangers of pit bulls so that no more babies die and so that other parents don’t have to go through this pain.

  8. Interesting that this took place 11 days before it became public knowledge. Makes me wonder how many “tragic accidents,” aka dog murders go unreported? It’s expected that the news will report when a child dies in a broiling car, in a faulty baby sling or from contaminated formula. Pit bull progandaists don’t accuse the news of piling on the person or company that caused the death. The reason the news reports these tragedies is to inform the public in order to prevent these things from happening again. And, yet, somehow these maulings and murders get buried unless it’s a very high profile story e.g. the two babies who recently died. So, no one’s intention here is to “kick someone when they’re down.” This site simply reports the facts. Knowledge IS power. If people who own pits/mixes were aware of the danger these dogs pose for children, maybe, just maybe they’d realize, they’re not victims…they’re volunteers. Unfortunately, ignorance and denial carry horrifying collateral damage: dead and maimed children.

  9. Actually Jen is right because if you look at the lady facebook.she was defending the pitbull saying something like I been with pitbull all my life I never them attack.then when someone point out that pitbull attack more then any dog breed .she say something in the lines of all dogs breed attack not only pitbull.

    • And that is why it’s next to impossible to do something about the pit problem. Even the victims continue to stand in the way of regulating and doing away with these dangerous blood sport breeds. People keep volunteering themselves, their children, or innocent people around them as the next victim.

  10. I think the frustration felt here is similar to someone being maimed or killed by a drunk driver, then the family of the victim saying “You can’t blame someone for driving drunk. Maybe they had a bad day or a horrid childhood. Some of my best friend drive drunk!”–when the obvious truth is obvious.

    In this case, a particular dog is bred to be violent and to never let go. It’s not surprising when one of them does just that.

  11. If anyone’s interested, I created a short compilation of “pitbulls with babies” TikToks, along with a brief writeup, to be shared.

    Not only do pitbull owners seem to put their kids in harms’ way more than other dog owners (because they have a point to make about their gentle “nanny dogs”) — but most people misinterpret dogs’ body language, and anthropomorphise dogs’ “whale eyes,” frantic licking, tail wagging and resource guarding as “love for the baby.”

  12. I just tried to find out more information about this case. It happened about two weeks ago. There is almost no information about this baby girl, breed of dog, circumstances. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. When did the death of a child become so mysterious? If a child dies in an accident or from parental neglect, the information is made public. CPS gets involved. I’m realizing the statistics of how many children killed by dangerous dogs are far less than reported. What we do know: the dog is still alive and another innocent child is not.

  13. Tee, thanks for sharing your data. I can see the pitbull attack on UPS driver Kevin Backlund is important to you. You will want to see my posting on that recently here at dogsbite:

    Attack Suspected After a Driver Delivering for Amazon was Found Injured and Dead in Ray County, Missouri

    I’ve posted links to a local news station reporting, amazingly, no criminal case could be filed.

    Then the photo of a defendant identified later in the civil case as the pitbulls’ owner w one of her giant pitbulls. Plus the amazing account of how this woman nearly caused the death of Mr. Backlund by 4 pitbulls until a fire chief crashed thru the property gate and rescued this UPS driver after 30 minutes.

      • It’s not even just “dogs.” Most dogs don’t have the capacity or the DESIRE to maul and kill people, babies, and other animals. My Frenchies harm no one and never will. Partly the breed, partly me as a responsible owner. Maybe more needs to be done to allow people to earn a dog license to own one. But the biggest difference will be getting RID of these damn pits regardless of what name they’re being called this week, and other blood sport dogs or breeds who are biting frequently. Get those kinds of dogs out of our communities, and their problem owners might just go with them, and we can all have some peace and safety, dog lovers and also those who don’t. Right now we’ve got the people with the worst kinds of dogs, behaving in the worst kinds of ways, and it’s making all dog owners look bad and feeling they have to defend their own rights. The pitiots are the ones causing the problem for all of us. They go, watch things improve.

  14. Pets’ maim and kill
    by Mike Masterson
    Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Dec 3, 2022

    “Those who read this space regularly know that ever since my wife Jeanetta and our little taco terrier Benji, were badly mauled by a vicious and unrestrained pit bull mix as they strolled in our Harrison neighborhood, I’ve been advocating for stronger laws that hold dog owners who don’t restrain their pets civilly and criminally responsible.”

    A reader of Mr. Masterson’s column shares his frustration about the news story being dropped about the Arkansas baby girl death mauling.

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