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9 thoughts on “2016 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman, 36, Found Dead After Pack Attack in North Travis County

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  1. Husky's and Cattle dogs are known to sometimes be aggressive. But six dogs is too many for anyone to handle. It's a fact dogs are more dangerous in packs. This is why there needs to be a limit. One would be my preference, especially for known aggressive breeds.

  2. The shelters are full, there are packs of dogs roaming loose, but still the unregulated breeders go on breeding to the max

    We all pay for it in every way

    Every other business in the country has some basic rules and laws, especially where public health is also concerned.

    but still the breeder lobby keeps forcing this down our throats.

  3. Where are photos of the other dogs? They say "20 dogs"
    I see three adults and the litter of puppies.
    I would imagine the dogs that participated in the attack would have some sort of blood on them wouldn't they?

  4. These do not look like the kind of dogs that you would expect to attack you. That is probably what she was thinking when she entered the gate.

  5. Thank you for the update on this horrible situation.

    I'm just flabbergasted at that woman's words: "I feel like I've been violated."

    Um, how about the woman who LOST HER LIFE in a brutal mauling by the dogs you were caring for? How do you think she felt? And her family who has to deal with her death and the knowledge that it wasn't at all peaceful?

    All she did was go through a gate. No one knows what she was thinking, but I can speculate that since she was an animal lover, she may have thought the dogs were friendly. Maybe she wanted to greet the puppies. Or maybe she was just doing her job and looking for someone to give the papers to. No one deserves to die for stepping onto someone else's property.

    I can't imagine saying I felt violated by someone walking into my yard, especially when that person was killed for it. Dogsbite is correct in noting sociopathic tendencies there. Sick.

  6. Wow. The attitude of these dog owners. First they blame the victim, thinking that a just punishment for crossing a property line is a prolonged, horrific, torturous death. Then they actually want to keep dogs that killed a person. All the dogs should be put down, including the puppies. Because they haven't broken any laws and can't be punished legally,the dog owners should be shunned by the rest of society forever.

  7. What were the court papers that were being delivered about? What law did the owners violate to get papers served??

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