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22 thoughts on “2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman Killed by Two Pit Bulls She was Dog Sitting in Greensboro, North Carolina

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  1. Quoting from the story, which noted that one of the dogs was shot and killed by police:

    “The other pit bull was taken into custody and is currently being held in quarantine at Guildford County Animal Services.”

    My question: Why is this dog being kept alive at taxpayer expense?

    • Legally, dogs are property and US law prioritizes protecting the property rights of citizens. There was also always the presumption that anyone whose dog behaved dangerously would quickly surrender it for euthanization, so the delay would be brief. Today, of course, that’s often not the case and shelter employees and the public are placed at risk when owners delay sometimes for months.

  2. The owners in the Jayden Henderson killing, Amanda and Joseph White, have never acknowledged either they or their dogs were at fault in the mauling. They continue to post social media content expressing hatred and bitterness toward the town of Garner, which pursued the euthanization of their killers. Their social media also reveals that they have acquired 2 new rescue pit bulls, are working with rescue groups in the US to foster, and have expressed plans to turn their new, rural property into a retreat for behavior-case pit bulls. They are an outlier case, but chilling.

    • Now that is a scary thought. If they could not control the ones, they had how will they do with other behavior case pit bulls. The irony of this whole thing is it never needs to happen if you are cognizant of the behavior and deal with it accordingly. Pit bulls are rapidly becoming a public health menace. Wanted by people who when faced with dangerous behaviors neither have the where withal to deal with them and certainly are often irresponcible as well.

    • They are narcissists to the max they never admit fault and never take even partial responsibility for anything they instead rationalize all their wrong doings. In my opinion ppl like this r scum of the earth

      • My husband and I pet sat a woman’s Basset Hounds for YEARS, staying in her house while doing so, caring for them through the final years and passing of three different Basset dogs.

        This woman adored her dogs and trusted us with her “babies”. Oh, we also cleaned for this woman and so we were in the house every two weeks, cleaning and visiting and loving on her various dogs over the years. We even brought our own two Jack Russel dogs every time we cleaned and pet sat, and kept the peace and all were very happy.

        When the last Basset passed, she went to a shelter and GOT A PIT BULL.

        By this time, I had stopped cleaning and pet sitting because I’m dealing with childhood sexual abuse fallout to the max.

        My husband went to have a meet and greet with the new pit bull dog. All was well. I told my husband I had serious concerns. He didn’t. Silly him. He went to clean the house and the pit bull cornered him in the living room. Due to some major luck and a lot of savvy on my husband’s part (the real savvy would have been to quit the job!) he distracted the dog and lured it out back and locked it out in a secure fenced in back yard. Super secured. It chased him from glass slider to glass slider, all around the back of the house, snarling and lunging at him.

        He called this wonderful, longtime client and told her her new dog cornered him and he feared for his safety. My husband is NOT afraid of. dogs . All she cared about was the poor doggy alone in the back yard.

        My husband said “Do you understand what I just told you”? Apparently not. My husband quit the job that day.

        So there you have it, an intelligent, successful, DOCTOR woman lost ALL REASON upon rescuing a pit. Is this some kind of disease?!?!?

        • This doctor woman has not only lost her friends but her safety. For a senior citizen to have reliable friends who help her thru life and home cleaning was a real gift to her. Hopefully, she will come to her senses and get rid of the pitbull before it terminates her. Glad your husband was quick-witted. Please stay safe.

          • Yes, people have lost their minds over these damn dogs. She did not care what happened to your husband which is telling in my opinion. Good riddance. Someday, someone will find her dead in her house with her pit bull chewing on her face. People do not learn from your experiences. They have to experience themselves to believe. Hopefully it is only her that suffers, not some innocent neighbor, grandchild, other pet sitter.

          • To Laura, Beth and Nunzia, thank you so much for your replies. I’ve never really shared that story with anyone and I was feeling so badly and you all really heard me and I’m crying and feel better!

    • The Whites, if they actually do create a center for pathological pitbulls, will automatically reduce the real estate value of their neighbors, create a dangerous area and will probably cause the death of a neighbor within the first year or two of the center’s opening. Surely even pitnutters doing basic research on the Whites would steer clear, realizing they will become linked to any danger and publicity involving their personal pitbull.

      • I hope they get 100 acers, fill it to the brim with fight bust pits (one of “Mr. Wounded Warrior All American Hero’s” “service pits” was a fight bust) and then nature takes its course.

        I feel bad for any kids exposed to the pits. I say this becase pit lovers would flock to such a place even though by their own definition the Whites were bad owners. They trained their pits to kill after all. No matter. They would come from across the globe, all to help end the stigma and “misinformation” that pits are killers.

        Eventually the problem would solve its self and we would not be bothered with the Whites anymore.

        If pit nutters did basic research, they wouldn’t be pit nutters.

  3. Of course it’s always the same vicious dog breed cough cough pitbull that seriously harmed or killed people regardless of age.I bet if she was dog sitting 2 dalmatian.she still be alive.

    • Or two yorkies, or two beagles, or two labs, or two corgis. So many good choices. Why choose these dogs? Shelters push them on people. Only bad owner, not bad dogs, blah blah blah.

      • … or 2 Bassets and 2 Jack Russell dogs all together at the same time;; or a black lab, a golden doodle and 2 jack russel dogs all together at the same time; or a Newfie cross and a jack rusell and a golden; or 2 basenjis and a beagle and 4 cats all together at the same time; or an itlalian greyhound, 2 mini dachsunds, a jack rusell and a little fluff puff of a dog all at the same time! I’ve never ONCE been concerned about my safety, my husband’s safety or the safety of those in our charge(we’ve got some major skills!) until a client got a pit bull. It breaks my heart.

  4. My condolences to Waynesha Peed, who has lost her mother and two brothers. May the Lord comfort you and your family in your sorrow.

  5. The dogs involved must be a close.relatives or friends dogs. Otherwise the owners name would have been listed.
    Few boarding kennels will accept pit bulls so the owners find someone to take care of their dogs. Most pitbull owners don’t have the money to board anyway. They may be in jail.
    I paid to board three dogs and one cat and paid $8100 for boarding. Few can afford that. My pets were returned along with the money. Illegal search and seizure. $450 per month per animal. That was expensive.
    Many boarding kennels charge a higher rate.

  6. Wow this is so sad..Pit bulls are dangerous dogs…The only person allowed to be with them should be the owners and they are not safe… I love small dogs I feel in control cause my chances to fight them off if they get out of control mostly likely want end in being killed by one

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