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31 thoughts on “2022 Dog Bite Fatality: 4-Year Old Girl Killed by Dog in Southeast Oak Cliff, a Dallas Neighborhood

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  1. I am positively flabbergasted that something as horrific as preventable dog attacks by unnatural, man-made killing machines is continually and repeatedly tolerated. My God, you’d think the repeated destruction of children would cut thru all the insanity.

    This subject almost makes me feel crazy. I can’t tell you how important your work is, Colleen, if only to validate sanity in an insane world.

    • The death of a child is always tragic. With the very organized pitbull supporting groups, many pitbull owners don’t know the risk associated with this breed. I spoke with an LPN recently who believed that pitbulls were dangerous but American bulldogs were safe. That meant to me that a lot more people need to be advised of the danger. I told the nurse to love the breed but don’t get one if you love your family.

  2. Sheesh this is like the fourth story of a fatal pitbull attack .it horrible that an innocent little girl had to died instead of the owner. No matter how many times you tell a pitbull supporter that pitbull are dangerous and prone to attack and killed someone they’re in deep denial it like they’re in a cult.when was the last time you heard a english sheepdog killed someone.

    • I went on line and found all dogs are reportedly good pets if they are raised right. These well educated idiots apparently do not understand the genetics of temperament. Many breeds of dogs cannot be trained to bite. GSDs can be trained to bite but not to maul like a pitbull.

  3. But pit bulls are nanny dogs. There will be excuses that it wasn’t trained right or it was trained to attack. That the child was alone briefly. The child was being mean to the dog, they won’t accept that it was genetics.

    They just don’t care about children, all about pit bulls.

    • Agreed, and let cue all the cute pics of innocent babies laying atop their “nanny” dogs now. EVERY freaking time an INNOCENT VICTIM is brutally attacked by 1 of these dogs they get RE victimized. What did THEY do to “offend” the poor innocent dog? Utter infuriating STUPIDITY! I have a family member that owned a pit it ripped apart 1 of their small dogs. That pit was treated like royalty! Numerous GOOD owners HAVE been attacked by their own pits.

    • To be fair this woman had been dealing with homelessness which all to frequently has evictions making finding decent safe housing nearly impossible. There has been recent reform movements, like in CA to seal eviction procedures before they can complete destroy the lives of the people who were evicted. Not paying your rent once shouldn’t lead to a lifetime of homelessness or unsafe housing options! It’s usually the children who have to suffer from this unjust world!

  4. I live 2 counties away from this incident and I have to say shame on kcen ch 6 NBC and shame on kwtx ch 10 CBS for not even mentioning this fatal attack. See this is a huge part of the problem media obtuseness (is that a word?) For example my parents especially my mother doesn’t realize how dangerous pit bulls are because it is hardly ever on the news and she doesn’t believe me when I tell her about the latest fatalities she just thinks I’m a dog hater and I think many many ppl think just like her. I think she and others that perceive it that way r brainwashed.

    • If your mother really wants to be open minded about this, she can set up Google alerts for things like “dog bite” “dog mauling” “dog attack” and she can see for herself. I imagine a person who is not used to reading these accounts would quickly be sickened by all the carnage you have to wade through, since there are so many non fatal attacks and attacks on other animals.

      • That’s a good idea for sure I might try to arrange for her phone to get alerts- it will be tricky though because she very difficult and paranoid of anything she perceives as my ‘agenda’

    • Jay, I think I remember now that your mom rolled her eyes when you were rightfully concerned about your vulnerability as you were on crutches outside a shopping center w dogs about. You may have to console yourself that a group of like-minded citizens here at Dogsbite blog understand your dilemma. BTW, I would rather be shot dead pointblank than be mauled by a pitbull.

      You might want to print out for your mom the exclusive Daily Mail report on May 3, 2022 on Kyleen Waltman’s pitbull attack. Kyleen’s sister did a great service to America by graphically describing Kyleen’s injuries. Hopefully, this may awaken some pItbull advocates.

      Victim’s sister interviewed: ‘When she passed out they were eating her alive. The dogs dragged her. They scalped her. Her skull was showing. They tore her left eyelid off.

      ‘They tore her right cheek off left a hole. They ate the skin off her inner thigh and ate the flesh off her arms and ripped them off.’

      Doctors were forced to wait for a month for the infection from the deep bites to subside before they were able stitch up the gashes on her forehead and
      before they were able stitch up the gashes on her forehead and scalp.

      Her sister continued: ‘She said doctors had to put 109 staples in the front of her head and at least 90 staples in the back of her head.’

      A trachea tube was placed in her throat because the bacteria from the dogs mouth got into her esophagus which her sister said is now permanent.

      She also lost her vocal chords and now is forced to speak using a voice-generated box.”

      • You’re right that was me who wrote about being on crutches in a store and along came a massive pitbull leading its shidiot owner throughout the store.
        I used to print out some of the incidents for her to read but she would refuse to.
        She actually hasn’t been as stubborn about acknowledging facts about kyleen -that actually made the news down here and she (my mother) did find it disturbing and sad.
        Oh and I most definitely choose death by bullet over being mauled and or eaten alive by a dog or dogs.

  5. There is no excuse for killing and maiming and destroying. I don’t care what the so-called trigger was/is.

    One can be understanding of what is going on with a dog – and even love the breed or the individual dog – but real love is sometimes hard.

    Sometimes real love is loving an animal, seeing the truth of what is going on, and doing the hard thing: banning the breed and letting it go extinct.

  6. I just read the update. Sickeningly sad.

    When will it be understood that all the old dog rules about one-bite; is it registered and has a rabies vaccination; leash-laws …. do not apply to this very different an specific entity known as blood sport breeds served up as pets to the general populace?

    If it was a DOG (not a man made killing machine) that got loose several times – but, oh, it wasn’t on YOUR property so it’s not a problem? If it was a DOG, it wouldn’t have been a serious problem warranting an anxious neighbor making repeated calls for help.

    And come to think of it, what DOG does anybody know that repeatedly BUSTS THRU GLASS to get out of a house? And any BEAST doing that behavior isn’t going to land on the street with calm and good intentions.

    • What I can’t get over is that no one in these neighborhoods where this is happening takes matters into their own hands. I certainly would. I LOVE dogs, more than people some days, but some dogs need to be dead.

  7. P.S. Actually, “beast” isn’t even the word. I live surrounded by coyotes, a bobcat den with kittens immediately behind my house and a mountain lion and cub wandering through with no problems whatsoever. Wild animals are sane and natural. Pit bulls are artificial terminators.

    I’ll shut up now. Thanks for letting me spout some.

  8. What troubles me – DAS

    DAS apparently has not revamped its protocol since 2016 re loose dangerous dogs. The neighbor Penningtons reported to DAS re the pitbulls running loose. DAS claimed the dogs had to be on their property as grounds for DAS to come out. What about a “safe neighborhood” does DAS not understand? The Penningtons and other neighbors realize they cannot even make it to their car safely. When loose dogs terrorize a neighborhood, DAS has a responsibility to take investigate and resolve the situation.

    To make matters worse, the pack of pitbulls lived near a park and an elementary school. Plus 2 apartment buildings, with denser population targets of the pack.

  9. Another troubling issue – Children home alone:

    No one was at home w the 3 children when the pitbulls attacked. Say what?

    Then after the mauling death of the baby, the surviving children are given to separate parents. Their own parents or responsible adults stepping in as a parent type? If it is their own parents, why would CPS turn those children over to folks who have the primary responsibility for the children?

    Was the woman who lived at the home away also? Why was it the vigilant Penningtons placed the 911 call if the woman who lives at the home was there?

    It will be interesting to read more about these issues re this tragic death. Thank you, Colleen, for this report and checking the police audio tapes to verify the dogs’ breeds.

      • Whenever I hear that term, I tend to think of Nana, the lovable giant St. Bernard from “Peter Pan.”

        But then I remember immediately after the other British dog. the bull terrier w the elongated head, Bullseye, who belonged to the criminal Bill Sykes in the Charles Dickens novel of 200 years ago, Oliver Twist.

  10. A pit that had attacked a 15 month old left alone with 3 children under five years old and not 1 adult?! What is this insanity? This is the recipe for disaster!

    • What decent parent leaves three preschool age alone with three pitbulls j known to jump out windows and bite neighbors.
      The pitbull owner should be charged with child neglect resulting in a child’s death.

  11. FOURTEEN CHILDREN have been mauled to death in the U.S. in the last 18 months – National Pit Bull Victim Awareness site.

    Unfathomable. Again, I am gobsmacked that the destruction of children has not yet broken through the insanity on this subject.

  12. If only the government agencies that are supposed to protect children took their jobs as seriously as the “advocates” that defend pits that have attacked.

    Yes, guilty pit bulls have a better funded and more dedicated advocates than innocent children.

    As we have seen time and time again people would rather donate money to “save” an attacking pit than to donate to assist the victim of the pit.

    People talk about about judging a society on how they treat their children, the elderly and animals. Our society routinely cares more for the dogs that kill children and the elderly than they care about the dead and wounded children and elderly.

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