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28 thoughts on “2021 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bull Owner Charged with Manslaughter After Multiple Attacks in Oklahoma

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  1. Of course it always the pitbull that killed that poor seriously when it going to get in into their thick skull that some pitbull are dangerous matter the time and effort you raised it good some will attack.if I made the law
    I would said once a pitbull bite more then twice it should be put down.

  2. Regarding sepsis and infection-related dog bite injuries, dear Kyleen Waltman has been suffering w infection too. Including the ongoing potential loss of a leg.

    Why do clueless podcasters show their babies being licked by large dogs?

  3. Pitbull IN my large grocery store a few nights ago. I raised a ruckus.

    Store manager and door “security” guard told me pitbulls are not dangerous and are friendly. I just managed to sputter pitbulls have the highest kill rate of all dogs and gave them a percentage. The manager told me he had been to vet school. I countered with I had done fieldwork on grizzly bears and pronghorn antelope.

    Female owner in her 40’s old enough to know better.

    Six months ago I saw 2 pitbulls in my town for the first time. The grocery store pitbull is #7 of the 8 pitbulls I have now seen locally. Who would have believed A PITBULL IN A GROCERY STORE!?! Or a pitbull in an aircraft cabin!?! America has gone bazonkers!
    NYC is just as bad w multiple leashes on packs of dogs including pitbulls being herded by a solo dogwalker.

    • About a month ago a woman had her mange-inflicted pitbull in the shopping cart in Sam’s Club. It was barking loudly in the cheese isle. I heard as I was just entering the store (far away). Customers and workers were complaining to each other and not at all pleased that it was there.

      I don’t like to go to Petsmart because there are so many dogs, especially pitbulls there. What is most irritating is that they use trips to the store as a form of socialization. They take their dogs all over the store including the cat isles and they’re clearly not shopping. So there I am shopping for cat food, struggling to read the labels without my reading glasses so my picky cat stops loosing weight and some asshole is letting their dog come up to me and sniff my leg. I turned and the owner has an expectant smile that I’m going to tell them they have a nice dog and start petting it. I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten dog slobber on my pant leg minding my own business in that store.

      At this point in my life I am making many new adult friends. I go out of my way to avoid making friends with anyone who has a dog.

      • I’m with you, Christy. As soon as I find out that someone has a dog, I move him or her to the “not gonna be friends” category.

        Furthermore, I do not permit anyone to bring a dog onto this property. I don’t care if it’s a service dog, a living teddy bear, or whatever. No dogs allowed. Period.

        • Same here, Quiet Neighbor.

          Sick of dealing with the doggie demented whose main purpose in life revolves around dogs and everything else takes a back seat.

          Rise Morrow could care less if her dog gobbled up every person it laid eyes on. She doesn’t care.

          Not all dog owners are like her. But I’ll bet close to all of them will make excuses for their hound attacking any person it happens upon.

          As for the lonely lap dog owners? Again, I don’t share the interest. Not going to spend half the evening in ecstatic delight over watching Snippers chase a tennis ball around the living room.

          No thanks. Just not feeling the fellowship vibe happening.

      • Christy, please tell me the dog at your feet was not a pitbull while you were in Petsmart.

        Your encounter at Sam’s Club warrants a complaint email or phone call to the CEO of Sam’s Club. That’s what I am working on given my grocery store encounter.

        I am going to do the same w Costco which has been letting large dogs, including jumpers, into the store.

        I am approaching this on the basis of the rights of people shopping for critical supplies: Food. I am also going to print an article on near-death attacks by pitbulls to give to disbelievers in store management.

        There has been a marked loosening in stores allowing dogs inside since the pandemic.

        • Getting sniffed up in petsmart has happened. Few times. Other breeds, too. When I see a pity in there I go the other way.

          I was pretty pissed about Sam’s. What I didn’t get was video footage. I will do that at some point. I’m sure she will come back.

    • He was put down after a total 8 attacks. I am the wife of the man killed by this dog. My son also had his finger bitten off and had to have it surgically reattached.

    • He was put down after a total of 8 attacks. I am the victim of his last bite. My husband was the one to pass away from the attack. He also bit off my son’s finger having to have it surgically reattached in a separate attack.

  4. I know someone is going to say hindsight is 20/20, but this death looked totally preventable had the authorities taken the proper steps when the warning signs were there. After two horrible attacks, Ms. Morrow was issued a ticket??? Seriously? The dog was not removed and this lady was not held responsible, except for that “ticket”? The dog attacks again, and nothing happens? It takes a death (which should NEVER HAVE HAPPENED0, but the lady is charged with anything. Good God, this is both sad and disgusting.

  5. I want to know who paid for and who is still paying for all the various medical bills this dog has caused overwhelming past 7 yes (is this p.o.s. animal still alive?)

  6. In this case, hindsight is 2016! How the heck did this go on so long? SIX life altering injuries, and one death. This is insanity. And as far as dogs in grocery stores et al, I’m apoplectic when I see one in a cart or having a shakedown in a storm of fur and dander next to the salad/soup bar. 99% are NOT service animals. I always ask the befuddled and cowed store manager, what about people who are highly allergic or simply have a fear of dogs? This fear is exacerbated by the explosion of pits and weekly attacks in the headlines. This heartless, mentally ill owner belongs in a jail cell and her viscous mutt should have been disposed of a long time ago.

    • I live outside waco tx and there has been a recent increase in pitfalls in stores. There was a new Atwoods store opening a couple of months ago and I went with my mother and some crazy older b**** (yes that term is spot on because she was endangering the lives of everyone in that store and parking lot)… anyway the dog was huge and pulling the woman-well I was in a tall aircast walking boot and crutches and because pitfalls seek out and obviously sense weakness like the elderly , babies and small children, and mentally challenged and physically challenged (that’s me at the moment) I was justifiably uncomfortable which the dog probably also sensed (to be honest I was afraid for malice because no -there is no way I could have stayed upright or used the crutches effectively to protect myself if that dog would have lunged at me or knocked me down. The best case scenario if it had attacked me would have probably been life threatening injury and or disfigurement and God bless kyleen Walkman and jaqueline Durand and others like them but I’m not mentally positive or tough enough to make it thru that I would rather die than live thru that)
      So I told my mother I was going to go outside and wait for her on a bench right outside the door-because I couldn’t make it to the car
      Well she rolled her eyes and sighed -like I was being crazy or unreasonable
      But I definitely agree with u that dogs have no place in stores especially grocery stores for obvious reasons and I understand blind ppl with an orange and white stick can benefit from a seeing eye dog but imo they should be limited to golden retrievers full blood with papers
      If service dogs were limited to 1 specific breed then pit nutters would have no true gripe because all breeds but 1 would also be not allowed
      I know alot of breeds are appropriate but designating 1 breed only could nip all the arguments in the bud and make public places safer for ever1

    • Lock the dog up with her.
      Under one condition: When it goes pit the prison docs don’t try to put her back together again.
      After the pit finishes her off (I am picturing somthing like happens in the game Mortal Kombat) then they can put it down.

      • Great idea! I like it. That’s probably as close to “an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” level of justice that could be achieved. I believe in letting punishments fit the crime but my opinions are very unpopular with most ppl in the world today-in society today almost worldwide, the attitude is to shift blame and deny responsibility. But I guess if ppl were held accountable for the actions of their dogs this blog wouldn’t even be necessary.

      • I recently checked in on this case. She waived the preliminary hearing in February. Is this getting into plea agreement territory? I see a “4 yrs SS/NC” but I am not sure what that means!

  7. Smart people NEVER EVER go to a home where a pit bull resides, no matter how friendly the owner insists it is. Cases like this are why.

    Too bad after the first attack the dog wasn’t put down, or the owner wasn’t at least required to have warning signs around the property.

  8. This is another case where AC should be charged with criminal negligence. It’s high time the public start demanding that “Control” be put back into Animal Control.

  9. At some point you have to wonder did Mark Kumpf train every AC officer in the country?

    Then I realize most AC officers were trained by the outfit that trained Mark,

    This explains a lot.

    • Yeah, and isn’t Mark making six figures somewhere still? Why wouldn’t every AC in the country want to emulate him?

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