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5 thoughts on “2013 Dog Bite Fatality: Spanaway Woman Attacked by Pit Bulls Dies from Injuries

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  1. Oh my, Colleen, this is so sad. The wife of the man who shot one of the pit bulls commented on my blog and said they saw her out walking a lot and they all hoped she would get better so she could walk again….and I thought to myself, No, life will never be the same for this woman again. And when I saw the video of the owner of the pit bulls, it was like "da ja vous" for us even down to the roosters crowing at the end of the video. I lived by this craziness for 2 years. Some stories effect me more personally than others. This victims age is close to mine and I want to walk like she was but I'm afraid to now. This is heartbreaking all around.

  2. How does anyone read this and say that a dog is a dog and that any breed is likely to do this? I was approached by two Labrador Retrievers who had escaped from their yard one night and they sniffed me and my dog (smallish mutt), played a minute, and went on back toward home. They wouldn't stand still long enough for me to read their tags and call their owner, unfortunately. A dog is a dog? Don't think so.

  3. A dog is a dog, but a pit bull is not a dog. The pit bull types are so different from normal dogs that they should be categorized in a separate species — and then that species should be made to go extinct.

  4. Yes…The Pit Breeders, dog fighters and Rescue angels want these people buried and forgotten

    Nothing personal, It's just "Business"!

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