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14 thoughts on “2022 Dog Bite Fatality: Man, 38-Years Old, Dies After Multiple Dog Bites in Wichita, Kansas

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  1. My guess it a pitbull but who knows.they didn’t mention the dog breed.if he was killed by a pitbull .This is the reason why pit bull are ban in most countries and states.they are dangerous and unprovoked .I mean pitbull being killing people from left and right since the year 2000 to 2022.

  2. “Medical condition brought on by the stress from dog bite” I see what they did there-they purposefully worded that in a way so that alot of ppl reading it would let their brain get suckered in by the word “stress” and subconciously assume mental/emotional stress (rather than physical) and think it caused him to have a heart attack
    But likelier than not-the “medical condition brought on by the stress from the dog bite/s” was blood loss … but however the dog apologizing media wants to twist it around-he was directly killed by dog not indirectly
    I’ve noticed a lot of little subtle wording used by journalists to mislead readers especially in stories about dog attacks

    • Odd how if you die of heart failure or other medical condition exacerbated by a physical attack the perpetrator of that attack can still be charged with manslaughter.

      Yet somehow, dying while being shredded by a pitbull isn’t the dog’s fault.

      /sarcasm font, off

      • The classic example from when my dad was in college training to be a police officer, if you hold up a store with a toy gun and the shop keeper has a heart attack and dies the robber is still responsible.

        You could pull a pitbull on the shop keeper. Then the pit can rip out his throat and everyone just shrugs their shoulders and says “Meh.”

  3. Plenty of people have hemorrhaged to death due to bite to the arm and especially the leg. If the bite goes through an artery, basically putting a hole in it, the person will bleed out. If the bike completely severs the artery, there’s a good chance that the artery will constrict and close itself off.

    I’m very curious to what medical condition they’re going to blame this on. Did he have high blood pressure and with the bite is pushed a lot more blood out? Did this 38 year old had a stroke? Did this 38 year old have a MI? Are they gonna claim it was a severe seizure with status epilepticus which he didn’t get any oxygen? Did he have severe adrenal insufficiency and the stress from this caused him to go into crisis and shock? All it is is victim blaming.

  4. Man dies from dog bite ….roflmao.
    There’s a huge difference between a “ Bite “ and a savage, prolonged MAULING !
    These absurd laws need to be changed and the right TERM needs to be stated…was it a bite requiring a bandage or was it a mauling that resulted in DEATH.

  5. Veterinarian’s perspective here. 30 years experience in the field. I saw my first pit bull in 1999 while volunteering in a shelter. The pit bull got away from the ACO and attacked a small breed terrier with numerous people around. Once the ACO choked the dog unconscious with a tourniquet, the dog was taken to the back and euthanized. No questions asked. The dog was deemed unsuitable for adoption. Common sense.

    Pit bulls were a rarity. Nary a one during my schooling and clinical training.
    Today, 5 percent of our clinic dog patients are pits. 1 in 20. We even decline seeing any pits beyond puppyhood who are not spayed and neutered. We are not here to help people pimping out their dogs to sell puppies that end up in shelters

    The pits we see seem friendly. We muzzle for blood draws and nail trims. They can also turn like a switch and head butt you even muzzled. I never trust them. Owners of these dogs like the power they feel when they have a dog that scares people. Often, it is troubled young woman who seem to identify with these troubled dogs. The pit rescuers getting mauled to death are women, mostly. These owners also blame the vet when a dog is aggressive or unvettable. The owner who can’t or won’t put a muzzle on for my protection also believe it is part of my job to take a bite now and again. I assure them, it is not and I typically discharge them from our practice.

    I believe we, as a country have tolerated an unacceptable risk for allowing these breeds ( dogos, xl bullies, all pits, rotties).
    I saw a video of a pit bull attacking a small dog in Home Depot and the online trolls were defending the pit bull and felt no empathy for the terrorized owner of the small dog. The pit cult was evident.

    If four people were killed by bears last week, or sharks, it would be on the national nightly news . The animals would be killed. Why do pits get a pass? Why do the victims get blamed for their own attacks?

    • 100% with you, Goldendoodle.

      I used to train dogs. Pitbulls were just showing up more when I stopped. I thought they were gawdawful as pets and the owners were no better. Working high-risk security, idiots would threaten to sic them on our working dogs with some regularity.

      Pitbulls (like dalmations IMO–who at least are generally not that dangerous) are just plain stupid. It takes far too much repetition and patience to train them for even the simplest of tasks that a working breed will pick up in a matter of minutes and master in a matter of days. They often can’t overcome the simplest distraction such as a barking poodle a block away. Then add in the danger and instability.

      Their owners are utterly clueless as to their needs for massive exercise and excitement suppression. They think all that face-slurping nonsense is “love” rather than a form of expressing anxiety. Little dogs do this too–but are often sensible enough to knock it off when told. Pitbulls, on the whole, have zero sense of boundaries.

      Argh. I just don’t get why anyone would want one. Ever.

      Welcome to Dogsbite, Golden 😀

      • Pitbulls were bred to kill rats and they are most certainly not nanny dogs. Why would you call a dog that kills small children a nanny dog?!?

        I stopped watching American Dog Rescues on You Tube because I refuse to accept the Pitbull as a helpless, defenseless DOMESTICATED animal in need of our care.

        A Pitbull is not a domesticated dog breed and maybe we need to reconsider the line of breeds and have a serious conversation as to what a DOMESTICATED DOG really is because I assure you it is not a Pitbull, that is capable of killing a 2 year old or defenseless elderly person or their small pet.

        I wish Americans would wake up and stop allowing these breeds to live in communities. They are useless unless you want to rid New York City of rats.

        Shame on anyone who thinks these dogs are domesticated family oriented and obedient dogs. THEY ARE NOT.

    • Goldendoodle, thanks for your vet’s perspective.

      Have you or your associates ever put down a dangerous dog like a pitbull for free for those who are broke? I posted a response on social media to a young multiple dog owner whose pitbull bit a younger sibling. He solved the problem by taking the pitbull to a shelter. I advised him to seek out a vet in the future if he has a biter. I said if $$ is an issue, then he might ask the vet to put the dog down as a public service.

      Also, do municipalities ever reimburse vets for this kind of public service?

  6. Why is it so hard to get pics of attacking dogs?
    Dogs have no legal right to privacy as far as I know.
    Is the dog in custody?
    Has it been dispatched?
    Why is the media not intrested in these questions?
    Wait , I know the answer to that one.

    “Police believe the cause of death is a medical condition brought on by stress from the dog bite.”

    Exsanguination is a medical condition brought on by dog bites. I’m not so sure about the “stress” part.

    • Vampires will be happy to note that sucking people to death until they die from blood loss is no longer murder as the blood loss is a secondary medical condition.

      Vlad now wants to move to America.

      • I am sure we would let him, his family and all his countrymen in. If we didn’t he could just march across the southern border.

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