2016 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bulls Kill 2-Year Old Girl in Topeka, Kansas

Relatives identified the 2-year old Topeka girl killed by pit bulls as Piper Dunbar. Father Interviewed UPDATE 09/28/16: In a devastating interview, Donnie Dunbar, the father of little Piper, talks about the night his daughter was killed by two pit bulls. The dogs belonged to Margaret Jaramillo (Johnson), a friend who was temporarily staying at Dunbar's home. Some parts of the video are difficult to understand, but new details emerge, including more information about Ja… [Read full blog post]

2012 Dog Bite Fatality: Rescue Pit Bull Kills 2-Year Old Girl; Nearby Restrictions Lifted in 2010

Savannah Edwards, 2-years old, was killed by a rescue pit bull near Topeka. Past Law Clarification UPDATE 12/16/12: A Sunday article by the Topeka Capital-Journal clarifies the history of Shawnee County. The county has never had a breed-specific ordinance, though the City of Topeka, which is the county seat of Shawnee County, once did. Topeka repealed the ordinance in 2010 and now boasts a "behavior-based" ordinance rather than a "breed-based" one. Savannah Edwards was… [Read full blog post]

Wichita Approves New Ordinance: Mandatory Sterilization of Pit Bulls

Breeders Also Targeted Wichita, KA - It was announced today that Wichita City Council approved changes to its animal ordinance. The changes are set to go into effect July 1st. The updated ordinance targets pit bull owners, but all Wichita dog and cat owners will be affected. New requirements for pit bull owners and breeders include (view new ordinance):Mandatory microchipping of pit bulls Mandatory sterilization of pit bulls (unless owner obtains breeder’s license) H… [Read full blog post]

2009 Dog Bite Fatality: Brooklynn Grace Milburn Killed by Rottweiler

No Charges Expected UPDATE 01/25/09: A family representative has spoken to the Star-Telegram. Jeremy Moore said that Brooklynn Milburn and her 5-year-old brother, Daniel, were playing while her grandfather was in the kitchen cooking. Brooklynn slipped out the back door into the yard and had "moved a heavy metal table" that covered a small hole in the fence separating the two yards, Moore said. The dog's owner and her grandfather found the girl at the same time, he said."Can… [Read full blog post]