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14 thoughts on “Third Pit Bull Adopted Since Aurora Repealed its Pit Bull Ban Inflicts Level 5 Bite to Child's Face

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  1. The irresistible forces of evil that the Dangerous Canine Industry (DCI)inflicts upon its helpless victims are cause to declare the surface of this earth to be officially hostile. Any human being, located within reasonable proximity to a dangerous canine, is located on the hostile surface of a hostile planet. People who are located within proximity to dangerous canines are Not on the surface of a non-hostile planet. The Dangerous Canine Industry can not be effectively neutralized, because there are megabucks involved in its unstoppable viscous onslaught, and its helpless victims are relatively penniless. People who are evil (and therefore love dangerous animals more than people) will blame the victims. The electorate in Denver was not fooled or purchased; but the city council was bought by megabucks.

    Evil is as Evil does.

  2. My two lawsuit wishes:

    1. That the injured boy’s family files a mondo-big one against those liars at the animal shelter.

    2. That Matt Snider makes good on his threat to sue the city of Aurora.

    Call it BSL, aka Breed-Specific LITIGATION.

  3. This child’s face is ruined. I guess we should be grateful this is not another child death being reported. I would like to see the shelter, the specific shelter evaluator, Dumb Friends, and the council members/city who voted for this sued. A dog covered in dog bites that is a pit is a dog that does what it is bred to do – fight.

  4. This comment “Please vote to repeal the pit bull ban so that your community can be safer, and families can remain whole.” really pissed me off. Repealing pit bull bans is the exact OPPOSITE of making communities safer. It is literally inviting killing machines into the community.

    Also, we as a society need to stop pretending that the family pet is a family member. Getting rid of an illegal fighting dog isn’t tearing up anyone’s family. The desire for nutters to have a pit bull doesn’t mean the public should sacrifice their safety.

  5. If the dog was covered in bite marks how was it NOT used for dog fighting? This was a very dangerous dog to adopt out to anyone, it should have been put down, and the shelter knew it or should have. But the shelter’s job is live release not public safety anymore.
    Caveat Emptor

  6. Dumb Friends is aptly named. Their reasoning is dumb too-“ it will be safer for people to adopt a pit bull from a shelter that can “evaluate” the pit bull’s behavior.” By the way/ the pit bull with a history of being surrendered again and again or the pit bull picked up running stray or the pit bull recovered from a dog fighting bust. Some of the claims these people make which are swallowed whole by the gullible, injudicious legislators make my brain hurt. What has happened to reason and logic? It certainly does not exist in the sphere of animal shelters and legislators. These legislators have committed grave and reckless endangerment of the People they are supposed to serve while groveling before the Dumb Friends and elevating bulls to objects of worship.

    • Reason is twisted to fit their goal of pit bull placement/no-kill metrics. Pit Bull Logic is the result of reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity to the only logical goal for every situation when it comes to pit bulls and that is they THEY are the victims! They were abused! They were teased/coerced to attack! They were protecting themselves and their owners! They were trying to save a person’s life! They are discriminated against!

      There is only one safer pit bull as a pet and that is one that has a full dental extraction when it comes into the shelter before being sent back out into the community. I do not think a full dental extraction would be any crueler than a vet declawing a cat, which honestly is partial finger amputation being down to an animal that has not hurt anyone nor been designated dangerous.

  7. The entire national animal shelter industry is now geared up for a single purpose:

    To find local suckers (usually young women who are easily emotionally manipulated or unwary) and dump problem dogs on them… along with thousands of dollars in potential financial liability

    This scam has now completely overtaken the shelter industry. Or perhaps we should call it a “cult” since it has many similarities with Jonestown and other “death cults”.

  8. Dog covered in bite scars was obviously a fighting dog, yet they still adopted it out. Not fit for small dogs, yet adopted out to family with small child. Sounds like shelter didn’t know what the heck it was doing. Sue the pants off of them! Hope the child will be alright…but he won’t. Not counting all his future surgeries to fix his poor sweet face, he will have serious PTSD around dogs the rest of his life.

  9. One thing that always fascinates me is the weird twisted logic of pb advocates. They claim it is perfectly safe to adopt dogs with no known history while simultaneously claiming that temperament is all in how they are raised. Huh? Poor baby!

  10. Hey have there been any updates in this story. Is the boy doing ok? Are there any lawsuits against the Aurora Animal shelter for failing to disclose the dog fighting etc?

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