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20 thoughts on “Pit Bull Breaks Through New Kennel Twice to Repeatedly Attack Shelter Worker at Lenoir County SPCA in North Carolina

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  1. Homeless animals? Nice manipulative language ya got there, Lenoir County SPCA.

    And, unfortunately, the dog worshippers will fall for it. Bigtime. Watch that $1.5 million fundraising goal fall in record time.

    Meanwhile, homeless humans get nothing.

    • Funny you mention that, Quiet Neighbour…

      At our last housing meeting about the 100000 de-housed humans in this province, I suggested we take over the dog pounds/shelters since the dogs have better homes than the people sleeping in the parks. It’s warm, there’s food, baths, beds, washrooms and they get exercised twice a day.

      Our priorities are severely whacked.

  2. If these shelters weren’t keeping all these dangerous dogs (to hold for pie-in-the-sky adoption), they wouldn’t need to spent $1.5M on a new facility. Their No Kill policy changes are what has caused all the shelters in the country to be “inadequate”. If they really looked at the COST of keeping dangerous dogs, they might consider changing their minds about warehousing them.

  3. Just imagine if she hadn’t filmed this and uploaded it to Facebook! I’m certain the shelter would have covered it up, or at least tried to. I’m quite convinced this kind of stuff happens frequently with shelter pits and it just gets covered up like most dog attacks in general. And of course shelters like this place are always the main ones begging for money. These organizations that are harboring dangerous animals don’t deserve a cent!

  4. Having spent the last 20 years working in animal shelters, I can attest to the increase of aggressive dogs entering them. Used to be chows, antisocial aloof critters that would attack if pressured. Now we have pits, and their cousins the cane corso, american bully, press canario….etc. These dogs scare the daylights out of me. They truly are zero mistake dogs. And almost seem to wait for the tiniest show of perceived weakness to attack. Fighting back is futile, submitting is futile. Thank goodness there were other employees around to assist him, or we might have had another shelter fatality. I agree, no kill is a disaster.

    • Dixie, here’s a thought.

      As soon as we had BSL here the pitbulls were gone, and the huskies, which had been the majority before, became the majority *again*–which they were before pitbull owners were overbreeding them.

      Huskies don’t scare me. Generally, they arrived because they are super high energy, shed buckets and tend to either jump up and knock people down, or grab a child that they’re annoyed, by. People are completely clueless as to what to do with them and pick them for their looks–not their temperament, so they land in shelters. They’re not the most trainable dogs, but they’re far from the worst.

      Put them in the hands of someone who understands their needs and 99% of them are handleable.

      Can’t say the same about pitbulls, Cane Corsos and other molasers. Once they’ve learned the value of intimidating humans, they generally do not come back from it.

  5. Anyplace that has dogs capable of killing should be required to have the means to dispatch them immediately should the need arise- a firearm. I wonder if this mauler is going to find a ‘furever home’ after this complete with a child’s face to eat. SMH

    • I agree. There should be at least one firearm at the shelter and someone who knows how to use it. Animal control officers often carry pistols but they need carbines.

      Sadly I bet this beast gets “pulled” and sent to a “rehab” that will have even worse equipment. Someone there will take the beast for a walk and the pronounce it cured.

  6. Notice the deceptive picture on their fundraising brochure. A lovely Golden and a cat. That breed of dog would be adopted in a minute. Not a mauler in sight when they ask for money. This whole operation is criminal.

    • Lazy owners, negligent shelter.

      Dog should have been put down immediately after the attack on the jogger.

      If you’re going to own a dog, be prepared to put it down if it is vicious. Nobody should be palming off a dangerous dog on a shelter.

      And a shelter that takes one, then adopts it out, should be sued into the ground and the managers should be held criminally liable along with the owners.

      That would put a stop to this nonsense, post haste.

      With a donated piece of land and renovation scrap, hundreds of de-housed people could build cabins to keep from freezing to death this winter for 1.5M dollars. A whole community or a bunch of vicious dogs?

      Think about that.

  7. This “poor abooosed puppy was so scairded it mauled some mean human that gave the aboosed puppy flashbacks” nonsense burns my socks right off.

    Dogs are not humans.

    That is NOT how abused dogs react. Abused dogs cower at the sight of whatever implement they were abused with, or bark, snap, quick bite and *run backwards* so they can see the implement. They may hide behind a trusted person, or another dog. They may shut down, and begin quaking, if they’re temperamentally anxious as well.

    A dog that mauls, mauls because it is vicious, dominant and because it’s been getting away with previous behavior that has taught it that it will get something it wants from intimidating humans. It has learned it can self-gratify from attacking.

    I see crappy dogs everywhere. Most are mishandled, especially nowadays when gadgets such as hobble harnesses and head halters (created for prey species with their eyes on the *sides* of their heads) are making dogs more neurotic than ever. Dogs are predators. They either have respect for another predator or they do not. Some, temperamentally, have more ingrained respect for humans. Some do not. Some, temperamentally sound as companions, have zero respect for humans.

    And these supporters are breeding more of these beasts and euthanizing less of them.

    Pure recipe that creates the disasters we’re seeing.

    A good dog is a joy to be with. A stupid, sentimentally sloppy bunch of humans, are not.

    • Plenty of abused dogs become aggressive defensively, it’s a normal animal behavioural response to danger -flight or fight. If something triggers a dog and it feels like it’s life is in danger it’s very likely that it will bite to defend itself. Not only pits will do this, most dogs and pretty much all living animals will do this. That’s why it’s important not to push dogs or any animal beyond their thresholds.

      People have become complacent with dogs but we should remember that they are animals, not robots, and act on instinct, not reasoning.

      Dominance between dogs and people is a myth and has been debunked many times over, including by the original author of the myth himself.

      Pit bulls are dangerous because they are highly motivated to kill and dismember (their prey drive has been modified in this way), they have an inability to de-escalate from excitement or conflict, they are extremely excitable (verging on neurotic), they bite and hold then “rag” as their preferred biting style.

      They are not the only breed to have these dangerous traits but they are the most popular of such breeds.

  8. The shelter’s website does not appear to be providing any information about any adoptable dogs at this time (11/30/20). They have a dropdown for cats, but no dogs. Curious.

    Looking at their FB, lots of posts in the past 2 months asking for volunteers and possible employees. Clearly understaffed.

    • Shelters and rescues will continue to be chronically understaffed as long as they are paying to keep murderous dogs alive while underpaying the workers they are putting at risk from those dogs.

      Nobody asks a high-risk construction worker dangling in mid-air to install i-beams for minimum wage but somehow, skilled animal handlers are supposed to “do it for da lurve” and crap wages while at higher risk for losing life or limb.

      Again, a society with utterly whacked priorities.

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