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16 thoughts on “After Multi-Victim Attacks in Sausalito by Two Pit Bulls, Marin Humane Society Refused to Seize Dogs for Bite Quarantine

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  1. The local powers that be blatantly repeatedly show if they love their neighbor, or hate their neighbor, just in case anyone was wondering. The surface of the earth is not hostile enough? Here’s more hostility, brought directly to nice residential neighborhoods, by the concerted efforts of local powers that be.

  2. Thank you for shedding light on the dangerous situation in Marin County! When I first learned about it, I couldn’t believe the level of corruption and disregard for public safety the Marin Humane Society was flaunting. And, believe me, I’ve seen plenty of corruption and disregard for public safety in San Francisco.

  3. The pit bull plague continues and no one is safe any more. We, the public, are held hostage by these land sharks and their irresponsible owners. These hardworking men minding their own business are only a few of so many victims. The recent story of a nursing home allowing a stray pit bull to wander the place is another outrageous example of the insanity. This monster mauled a 92 year old resident who has Alzheimer’s. There were people who had the audacity to blame the victim. Thank goodness the home is being royally sued.

  4. At the end of the second man’s testimony, the employer, whoever that super bored woman on the council is said “so we understand this is a very important issue….to you.” nice.

    they have no leash law if multiple witnesses aren’t adequate to establish that the dogs are getting out. especially when on some of their merry jaunts they maul people. thanks for bring this to light. I hope the very bored council member takes a look at herself and sees how disgusting her indifference is.

  5. Horrifying! This community is living under the extreme duress of terrorism. I don’t see why they shouldn’t legally arm and protect themselves from these known, free roaming vicious dogs? This very dangerous situation, like many across the country, is insane and intolerable! No one should be allowed to harbor such dangerous animals. A NYC homeless woman’s pit bull just bit the face of a 7 year old little girl (who was giving the woman money), and people were defending the pit (!??). Enough!!

    • California is why they can’t arm and protect themselves. CA is one of the few states that still does gun permits on a “May Issue” basis. Unless you are a movie star or a huge campaign contributor you won’t get a permit.

  6. This is horrifying but the refusal to carry out their most basic public safety responsibilities while hiding behind a clearly inaccurate reading of their powers is becoming a hallmark of animal control organizations.

    Oddly, despite the Constitutional shackles preventing them from seizing violent dogs, they still seem pretty capable of seizing hoarders’ dogs.

    • Imo, dogs seized from hoarding cases are often non-pit bulls, since a huge group of loose pits would typically self regulate their numbers through attacks. These no kill facilities can quickly place puppy mill type dogs, due to shortages in those types of dogs being available for adoption. Aggressive dogs are a dime, a dozen and placement of them can be costly and difficult, (though, evidently, not difficult enough), so no kills do not WANT to impound them. The no kill movement is not interested in no animals being killed. They are interested in no animals being humanely euthanized in shelters. That a rehomed animal may kill cats, chickens, other dogs or even humans is of no consequence, to them so long as the numbers of live release animals is high enough to secure those grants. Always follow the money…

    • They are so worried about the 4th Amendment. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great amendment,easily one of the top 10. However the state’s refusal to acknowledge the 2nd Amendment puts people in danger while these beasts are allowed to roam. The fact that a dog could get out and bite someone is proof that the owner can’t manage an in home quarantine.

  7. Which is why people need to STOP donating to no-kill organizations. Starting with Best Friends. They raise a ton of money, and it funds a lot of things. None of them good.

    • This, I love animals, but I stopped donating to “humane”, “animal shelters” and “animal rights” groups several years ago. These groups have an agenda that certainly cares nothing for humans, but often does not even care about the animals they purport to care about (an obvious example being how they protect pit bulls that are a major killer of other animals.) Unfortunately, there are bigger money interests (pit bull industry) supporting these groups, but us regular people need to make it clear to these groups that we do not support their agenda.

  8. The PD points to the humane society. The humane society points to the Constitution. The citizens suffer bites and being in a state of fear all while the pit owner continues on with no care in the world because why should he? Without video evidence ( because apparently peoples’testimony and their bites don’t count) everything will continue to be considered ”alleged.”

  9. The have come to the conclusion that we are under assault !
    The mainstream media, lobbyists, politicians , celebrities , Shelters
    EVERYONE is pushing this vile breed as….misunderstood, harmless, lovable etc, etc .
    They now have fake ” institutions ” to give out fake reports on stats and temperament tests of this vile breed.

    It’s like they want families to get mauled and or killed !
    The insanity of pushing this breed over and over and over on us , it’s getting out of hand !

    You can’t even defend yourself from an attack anymore without the risk of getting sued for animal cruelty because you used a knife or a screwdriver…….
    WHF is wrong with out justice system and these absurd laws……. !???

    This is madness .

  10. There is a recent update to this situation – apparently the dogs are being left with the owner. Nothing is happening.

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