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3 thoughts on “2018 Dog Bite Fatality: Rocky Mount Man Found Dead Inside Home with Pit Bull Injuries

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  1. That really is what it is, a license to kill. The owners seem to almost always get away with it.

    • It’s absolutely insane that dangerous dog owners are not held responsible for these crimes. If you beat someone, or simply yell at someone threatening violence, with witnesses present, you’ll get arrested, and there will be a restraining order. Yet, if you get a fighting breed dog, knowing well that these are unpredictable dangerous animals who have killed many people, and fail to keep other people safe from that dog, you won’t be charged? That’s totally a ticket for a FREE MURDER. The reason why these sick people get these dogs to begin with is because they see those dogs as an extension of themselves, it makes them feel powerful and intimidating. Yet, when they use that dog as a tool to commit crime, the dog is not legally considered as their extension, and they get away with it. Get away with murder!

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