2018 Dog Bite Fatality: West Price Hill Woman Killed by Her Pit Bull; Police Call Case 'Complex Investigation'

West Price Hill home where Della Riley, 42, was mauled to death by her own pit bull. Seizure a Speculation UPDATE 08/27/18: Della Riley, 42-years old, was dead by the time police arrived at her Dewey Avenue home. Arriving officers encountered a dog, which police described as a pit bull, standing over an unresponsive female. Officers shot and killed the dog after it "aggressively charged" them. The coroner determined the cause of death was due to trauma from a vicious dog mauli… [Read full blog post]

Cincinnati Doubles Penalites Under Existing Pit Bull Ban

Community Safety #1 Cincinnati, OH - Last summer, pit bull advocates were chattering about Cincinnati overturning its pit bull ban. The chattering was not only false, it came about just as Cincinnati unveiled the country's first "Pit Bull Police," a special unit of police officers trained to identify pit bulls so that the dogs can be handled and impounded immediately. The unit was designed to enable officers to act instantly, instead of waiting for the SPCA to arrive on scen… [Read full blog post]