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11 thoughts on “2017 Dog Bite Fatality: Dogs Kill 8-Year Old Boy, Injure Another in South Carolina

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  1. Not another DBRF! One article identified the dogs as possible German shepherd/boxer mixes. More information will no doubt come out later.

  2. No one's child should ever die because of a damn dog. And why aren't the authorities releasing information about the breed or pictures of these 'dogs'?

  3. The 911 call ID'd the dogs as two pit bulls and a GSD. I doubt they were misidentified. The child knew the dogs too.

  4. Years ago when I first began learning about maulings and fatalities of pets and people, I asked a Game Dog Forum about a similar dog on child attack.

    I thought I'd be told "those dogs were abused" or perhaps "that child must have tormented the dogs", but no.

    One pit breeder casually explained:
    "Kids are dog sized.
    Pits attack and kill dogs.
    That's what pits do."

    You can judge the morality of a nation by how the animals are treated. Compassionate moral nations would not permit dog fighters to continue to breed game-insane fighting dogs.

    Now that dog fighting is illegal, it's time to make the breeding of fighting dogs illegal as well.

  5. "The death of a child from a vicious dog mauling is horrific for every community"- Is it? If so they will ban these junkyard dogs and they will pass laws dictating what proper containment is. We'll see.

  6. Any word if they have found the as of yet identified missing dog?
    Hard to believe they are looking for it too hard if they won't announce what it looks like.

    If anyone gets hurt by this still at large dog of mystery they should sue.

  7. So this child and his mother we're taking care of these dogs and the dogs killed the child. Goodie.

    I can remember when looking after a neighbor's dog didn't put one in mortal danger.

  8. I have owned and and cared for Kennels with as many 30 plus dogs and have seen it time and time again. 99% of the time it's pit bulls or Pitbull mixed dogs n which these horrific attacks occur. Family pets,…oh we don't know what happened….he was raised with us from a puppy…and so on. And this misdirected belief that they only attack things dog sized. Get real folks. It's in their psyche'. It was bred in them long ago, it's deep rooted n their brain. That's what they where bred to do. And one day…it shows itself and tragedy occurs. I sorry but you'll never get it out of them. I know not all pitbulls in the world have attacked someone or something, but always remember the potential is there for it to happen.

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